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Watch out for paradisepoker (Read 2121 times)
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Watch out for paradisepoker
Mar 10th, 2008, 4:17pm
I have played internetpoker for several years now in alot of diffrent sites. So when I saw ParadisePoker I thought "why not try it?", so I regged and put in 20 about 10 days ago.
I regret that now. Let me tell you what I have experienced.
1. The first thing I encountered was that you can't change the table size (which take up ~2/3 of your screen), so it's really hard to play several tables at once. And that the pop-up of the windows dosn't always work, or poping up to late, dosn't make things eaiser to play several tables or surf on the net at the same time.
2. The french and the germans have no respect at all for following the chatrules with speaking english. I you want to report that you need to give Paradisepoker the 9 digit
hand-ID (which you can't copy) when they broke the rules, the table ID, and the nickname of the ones that have not followed the rules. The problem is: As I said before, you can't
the hand-ID, and in the "hand-history" the chat isn't logged so you can't get the info on which hand they have spoken, and finnally you need the table ID which is not public  
information on Paradise poker so you can't give them that info. And they won't do anything if you don't give them all that info that is impossible to get.
3. They've had/have several serverproblems and you can get disconnected anytime.
4. The whole server was disconnected when I was headsup on a 10 player Sn'G. I had ~13000 and my opponent had ~2000 when we both (and 4 k other players) were disconnected.
He managed to get online way before me since it built up a queue and he was way before  
me in that queue. When I finnaly got in after 4 min he had won the Sn'G by takin all the blinds (nothing odd, I whould have done the same thing). So I contacted the support and wanted to get money for 1:st place instead of 2:nd place. She said that there had been a serverproblem and that they whould investigate it. I was asked to give them the table ID and info about the hands that I had recived during the downperiod. Well...
there aint any table ID and there aint any handhistory logged during the timeperiod that your not on the table. So I explained to them that I can only give them the last  
hand I saw, since the other info isn't availeble (they don't know about their own software). "That's ok" she said after she saw that the info wasen't availeble, so I sent the info. After 5 days I get the reply to my e-mail that the hand-ID that I sent them was won by me (I won the last hand I saw before getting disconnected), and they can't see anything about any disconnection. Yea, right...
gues that the 4 k players that got disconnected was just a coinsident, and that the online-support was wrong when they said there was a serverproblem. So it looks like I won't get any cash back there.
5. I regged to a tournament which didn't popup (that is the only way that you can be seated at the tables on tournaments), so I conntacted the support and told them about it.
She asked me to check if I was regged to any tournaments. "Where can check that that", I asked. She told me where, but that info isn't posted there. "oh, it's not? I thought it was supposed to be there. I'll contact the softwaredevelopers about that.", she said.  
She asked me to wait and see. After about an hour I got my money back. Then it happend again! I talked with support and they told me to wait again. After 30 min the table poped up with me being auto all-in because that I had become short-stack by the blinds.  
They will investigate it, but since I "played" the last hand (the autoall-in) I am apparently considered by them to have played the game so that I shouldn't expect to get  
my buy-in back.
I told paradisepoker that I whould tell people on the pokerforums about what they have done.
So now I'm posting this on several forums, and waiting for all their investigations to finnish before i cash out.
Watch out for them.  
Have anyone else also experienced problems with ParadisePoker?
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