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Secret Book of Poker (Read 2054 times)
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Secret Book of Poker
Feb 5th, 2008, 2:34am
Here's a new book just released. Jack Ault is a 20 year poker professional who has decided to release his personal playing method to the public. Jack has decided to release this information in book form, because he has developed bad health and wants to give back to players, what he has recieved from old poker pros in the past.
Secret Book of Poker is a step by step guide that Jack guarantees will make the reader a winning player. Jack has played mostly on the west coast of the USA. He has students currently playing and winning.
One of his students, using his method, won a $10,000 No-Limit Texas Holdem tournament this last weekend, taking home first prize of $4500.00.  There are several of his students that have become playing professionals. Even a couple playing part time as Poker pros.
Anyway, I think the book is quite valuable. You can find out more at http://www.secretbookofpoker.com
It's an interesting read and there are 3 case studies of players in the back of the book.
I think it's really worth a read.
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