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Euopean Poker Tour Results (Read 2227 times)
The Lawman
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Euopean Poker Tour Results
Feb 24th, 2007, 5:53pm
Grin Here are the results from this years EPT events held this year in Brockworth UK.
-5 match EPT title: 1st Crocodile, 2nd Five Fingers, 3rd The Lawman
-Grand Prix super match: 1st The Lawman, 2nd Five Fingers, 3rd Crocodile
-Heads Up challenge: 1st The Lawman, Last Five Fingers.
-Golden Egg Whisk Breakfast medallion: 1st Five Fingers, Last The Lawman.
Another fine set of fixtures and results with top class poker (and cooking) from all involved.
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Re: Euopean Poker Tour Results
Reply #1 - Feb 24th, 2007, 7:43pm
theres always next year...
best poker i have ever been involved in, seriously, and thats after about 500 games! where did all those bullets come from though, it was like a machine gun?! my favourite hand was heads up first hand when I drew bullets and you went all in Smiley .  Mind you the slow played 66 and the flush on the board JJJ 66 and you went all in was very nice too Smiley!
Mini victories mainly... but anyone for breakfast?
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