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BONE 06: Qualifer Love Rat Table (Read 2262 times)
Five Fingers
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BONE 06: Qualifer Love Rat Table
Dec 4th, 2006, 10:51am
TABLE ONE - in seat order
Q Exocet 216 chips
Q Joe 90 184 chips
9th Hummingbird OUT
10th Poker Pirate OUT
17th The Fish OUT
21st The Mouse OUT
23rd Five Fingers OUT
Last Love Rat OUT


Pretty wild play from the start with 6 players having completed an all in within half an hour.  
Love Rat was first out and then went on to create a record by being first out in the two side games he entered. Pitiful!  Hummingbird knocked out Five Fingers for the third year running. Fingers has now not won a Big One poker hand of any sort for two years. More pitiful. Exocet and Joe 90 finally overturn chip leader the bird and puncture the Pirates sails. The Mouse really was as quiet as one when it came to her cards and was slowly poisoned by the antes. The Fish making his first appearance of the season has caught the passion again and signed up for another year of poker misery.
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