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US gaming ban hits UK firms most (Read 2599 times)
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US gaming ban hits UK firms most
Oct 31st, 2006, 8:18am
By Robert Peston  
Business Editor, BBC News  
'Investing in poker firms can be riskier than playing the game.
When Partygaming was floated on the stock market last year, its prospectus admitted that its online gambling activities were deemed "illegal" by relevant US authorities.  
Which was a pretty extraordinary thing for it to say.  
Because most of its revenues come from US gamblers and it was seeking to persuade the stock market to value its business at a cool 5bn.  
If most of its operations were illegal, why wasn't PartyGaming worth zilch?'
View full article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5400482.stm
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