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Ranking 5: A Mighty Joe Nighty (Read 3218 times)
Five Fingers
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Ranking 5: A Mighty Joe Nighty
Sep 25th, 2006, 9:56am
1 Joe 90
2 Les Vegas
3 Poker Mon
4 The Love Rat
5 Lawman
6 The Mouse

7th Superflash
8th The Streak
9th Black Cat
10th Professor
11th DOG
12th Hummingbird
13th Braveheart
14th Five Fingers
15th Skywalker
16th Poker Pirate
17th Candyman


Another cracking night of poker saw Joe 90 takes his first ranking title.  Being an early casulty most of my comments are hearsay and innuendo but by all accounts he built up chips all night before a remarkable showdown with the Lawman. I will leave the sheriff to cover the case, but this final table double up turned this puppet on a string into a real boy!
Other notable performances (from afar) were the husband and wife team Les Vegas and Poker Mon bagging second and third place respectively. By chance they sat next to each other all night on the poker tables so it really was a nice day for an alright wedding of poker power.
How long before Poker Mons performance draw attention from the Women in Poker team and she is head hunted? They certainly need her as their early exits and impromptu coffee morning looked more W.I. than poker suffrogette!
As for the rest, it was a wild liquid fuelled night of side game action which normally would credit a mention, except for Candyman winning FOUR games in a row. Lucky git.
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The Lawman
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Re: Ranking 5: A Mighty Joe Nighty
Reply #1 - Sep 25th, 2006, 9:37pm
I know exactly what hand Fingers is referring too: I’ve been trying to forget since Sat night!
I made the final table with 300+ chips and set to work winning a few small pots and stealing some blinds to strengthen my position and attempt to win some points for the title charge.  
Having exterminated the mouse I had a healthy bank of chips and with small stacks either side of me my strategy was to coast for a while unless I hit a monster hand and at least 3rd place should be mine. In relaxed mood therefore I mentioned the number of times 66 had shown up tonight as a starting hand, especially all in black. ‘Me too’ came the reply from more than one player: 66 had been appearing all night but so far no one had had any success with it.  
A couple more hands on and I peek down to see TsTh and with only limpers and me in the BB I raised All In aiming to see folds all round but with a hand if I was called. The plan went fine till Joe 90 looked again at his pocket cards and after pondering for a while stated ‘Call: I’ve got to’ to reveal.....6s6c!! The black 6’s were back! At this point I must have been 2nd or 1st in chips and Joe90 also had a decent pile so this was a major pot.  
A slow and tantalising ‘one by one’ flop came 6h2cTc so we both made a set and the T’s still looked good despite the portentious 6’s chat of earlier. With a 8c on the turn I suddenly began to fear the worst however and sure enough the river brought a 7c and four running clubs had given Joe90 a ‘golf bag’ flush. It was Ryder Cup day as well!
From then on I was very short stacked and fighting for my life and twice took a chance with JT only to be thwarted.  
Firstly, going all in against Pokermon’s KK I lost but with a side pot with Joe90 in the same hand I won back about what I had originally bet so I survived....just.
The second punt with JT again saw me up against Pokermon with As2h  and also Love Rat with Ah8h. A beautiful looking flop of Jd*dTd had me out of my seat and cheering a possible triple through but runner runner diamonds saw a diamond flush on the board for us all and a split pot, chop, chop, chop!! Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!
I finally fell in a feeble fifth place to Pokermon and another flush, her Ah* thrashing my 5h* with four other hearts on the board. 1 measaly point for me means the title race is still wide open with 2 games to come.  
I’m looking forward to 21st Oct. already and another fine night of poker!
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