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Ranking 2: Professor in a new class (Read 2459 times)
Five Fingers
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Ranking 2: Professor in a new class
Apr 10th, 2006, 7:59am
Results, including final table starting chip stacks.
1 Professor 184 chips
2 Ram Raider 168 chips
3 Rasputin 160 chips
4 Love Rat 188 chips
5 Poker Pirate 192 chips
6 Skywalker 112 chips

7th Real Deal
8th Johnny Two Tongues
9th The Mouse
10th Five Fingers
11th Black Cat
12th Lawman
13th Persuader
14th Braveheart
15th Poker Hontas
16th DOG
17th Joe 90
18th Exocet
19th The Apprentice
20th Candyman

Antes: double every 45 mins
Qualifying Table 1 - in seat order
Joe 90
Professor Q
Black Cat
Johnny Two Tongues
Ram Raider Q  
The Persuader  

Qualifying Table 2
Five Fingers
Rasputin Q
The Mouse
Poker Pirate

Qualifying Table 3
The Apprentice
Skywalker Q
Love Rat Q
Real Deal
Poker Hontas

Tale of the tape:
Well another night of high drama at the Poker Jokers... seemed like everyone had took a war pill and was playing super aggressive!  Carnage in the first two hours saw a final table merging at the break. Unheard of!
Noteable events:
The Apprentice going out in the first five minutes after flying down from Glasgow (respect). I wish I had my camera ready to capture the pure agony as he clinched his hand in his heads for what seemed an eternity!
Rasputin making an impressive debut by taking out a few players with over full houses, flushes and just about any powerhouse hand he could lay his hand on. Can he play with madness? I should say so.
Poker Pirate making an overdue return to the high seas of plundering. Could be about to go on a cannonball run.
Candyman going all in and all out on the first hand! Shocking.
Five Fingers going on a lucky streak thinking he was Stu Unger (darn book) and bluffing with bull. Probably survived in the game long after he should have been booted.
The Mouse proving yet again that she doesnt live up to her name. Played more like a cat, subtle yet sly, graceful yet deadly. Just keeps getting better and better. Surely to be recruited by the Women in Poker soon!
Lawman failing to stand up and be counted on the table of death.  Still league leader but not for long on this form.
Braveheart losing out yet again on his Jackson Five (J5) obsession.  All in preflop twice with this hand is twice too many. Some would say working that out should be as simple as ABC.
Losing the Scots the Apprentice and Braveheart in quick succession did create the quote of the night however... as the ever controversial Professor shouts "Send them homeward Tae think again".  Fighting talk indeed.
Real deal looks to be bossing his table for a long period. Of course, theres no room for a bossy boss in any situation and eventually he's busted out.
Skywalker scrambles home with the lowest chip stack in history.  Yet noone can ever say he didnt make the final table (for two minutes). An ex-win fighter nowadays...
Love Rat is the form player this year having made two final tables and scored points on both occasions.  Needs to step up a level and use that cupids bow to win a match up with all the poker chips.
I didnt really see what happened on qualifying table three but it looked pretty intense.  If anyone wants to add any comments, feel free.
Till the next one when my poker hopes will be renewed!  Thanks for coming along everyone.

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