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Ranking 5: Professor in Different Class (Read 2288 times)
Five Fingers
Ex Member

Ranking 5: Professor in Different Class
Oct 16th, 2005, 9:44am

1st Professor
2nd Johnny Two Tongues
3rd The Love Rat
4th Real Deal
5th Wall Street
6th Candyman
7th Poker Shark
8th Yellow Flag
9th DOG
10th The Lawman
11th Five Fingers
12th The Persuader
13th Braveheart
14th Skywalker
15th Joe 90
16th Superflash

Some pretty classy poker on show tonight.  
Headlines must be the Professor playing textbook poker to build, build and destroy all those before him. Johnny Two Tongues made a strong debut to finish second with more than his fair share of bluff and bluster. Of course, finishing in the points never fails to get you noticed so the next match will be interesting.  
To ensure, balance, also worth pointing out the Superflash is experiencing the most serious loss of form in ranking game history.  His results for the last three games are - 2nd last, last, last. Who'd bet on him to take the BIG ONE in style?!  
Qualifying Table 1
Wall Street
Poker Shark
The Persuader
Real Deal
Yellow Flag

Qualifying Table 2
Five Fingers
Joe 90
Johnny Two Tongues
The Lawman
The Love Rat

Chip Count at Final Table:
192 Real Deal
152 Professor
148 Johnny Two Tongues
136 Candyman
117 The Love Rat
55 Wall Street

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