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Ranking 1: The Hitman and HURT (Read 2585 times)
Five Fingers
Ex Member

Ranking 1: The Hitman and HURT
Dec 7th, 2004, 8:34pm

1st The Hitman
2nd Professor
3rd Skywalker
4th DOG
5th Braveheart
6th Superflash
7th Hummingbird
8th Black Cat
9th Five Fingers
10th Poker Pirate

Ranking Game 1 is facing a crisis as half the field pull out with 24 hours to go.  with 10 hard core poker player taking seats, for the first time ever the game is played out on a single table (Internet stylee!).
The game has an air of danger from the start as the drinks spend to keep the card room open must be met by our brave attendees.

The Hitman (Shridar) is a new player, flying the Hells Kitchen flag before flying back to India days later.  His style of play soon shows him to be a deadly assassin, sitting out hand after hand almost unnoticed before taking down big pots with big hands. Chip leader from start to finish, the Hells Kitchen must be saving up to get him a plane ticket back for the next match!
Professor is in a rich vein of form but can't quite turn all that study time into an A-grade result.  It certainly isnt through lack of trying as he plays out a tense heads up with the Hitman, being forced to go all in time and time again. Does well to survive as long as he did before finally feeling the hurt from the Hitman.
Skywalker is the sole representative from the Fishbowl and does them proud yet again.  when will the little fishies become more than just bait? Turns out Skywalker has been using jedi mind control, hustling poor students in friendlies to keep his form in between matches.  Always a threat, the dark side rarely taking him out early.
The DOG is also showing some bite at last, with a run of good results in recent months. Again, unable to win grand champion in the show, she does more than enough to win best of breed... highest placed lady of poker her only title tonight.
Braveheart finds the early start (6.30pm) does not help his poker power. Precitably sluggish in the early sober stages of a game, the point of FREEEDOM comes too late and his poker charge is fatal.
Superflash is always a threat but seems more flash in the pan tonight than super hero. wins a couple of hands but small pots leave him no time to apply his super system. watches his chip stack fade away to nothing. on a single table theres nowhere to hide and his night is cut short.
Hummingbird is still the most unpredictable poker player in the nest.  At times breathtakingly brave and astute like a bird of prey, at others like a dodo, flightless and extinct. the Hitman shoots her out of the sky.
The Black Cat has a quiet game on a poor night for the Poker Pirate Ship. Plays way too few hands and whilst she retains her cunning, her ever dwindling chip stack eats up her nine lives. finally the Black Cat goes all in on three tens, only to be put to sleep by a Hitman straight. curiosity killed the cat.
Five Fingers is in a dreadful run of form.  could blame his cards but results over two barren years suggest otherwise. left to drown his sorrows in a bottle. wins the side game and finally puts the curse of the Hummingbird to bed, winning against A10 with bullets in the hand. a ray of hope or false dawn?
Poker Pirate, the double winning scoundrel, places last and had hardly left dock before being blown clean out of the water. perhaps the pirate ship was overladen with silver and the Pirate was sunk before he set sail. is overconfidence creeping into the Pirates play...
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