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Bob you p*ick (Read 2273 times)
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Bob you p*ick
Nov 27th, 2004, 8:34pm
I have found a great poker room that pays its players upto 25 GBP per hour to play at tables they select just to make up the numbers.
E-mail me and I'll send you the link:
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Five Fingers
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Bob you p*ick
Reply #1 - Nov 28th, 2004, 10:44am
Bob which part of STRICTLY NO ADVERTISING dont you understand.
please dont post any adverts, however cleverly you think you are being, on this bulletin board. i will delete every 24 hours so theres no point, unless you like wasting my time.
if you want to post an enthusiast message please do so. if not, visit someone else.
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