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BIG ONE 04: Qualifer Table 2 (Read 3986 times)
Five Fingers
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BIG ONE 04: Qualifer Table 2
Oct 31st, 2004, 10:11am

Start: 18.30pm
Antes: double every 45 mins
Q Skywalker 188 chips
Q Poker Shark 112 chips
9th Lawman OUT
13th Hummingbird OUT
16th Braveheart OUT
17th Five Fingers OUT

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Five Fingers
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BIG ONE 04: Q2 Fishbowl Roll
Reply #1 - Oct 31st, 2004, 10:35am

The Fishbowl dominate table 2 with both Skywalker and the Poker Shark playing solid poker to qualify.
The Lawman registers 9th after a rollercoaster of a night, fighting hard against the Fishbowl with river card save after save.  Is in the worst place of all as is finally sent down one place away from final table and song glory.  Blames slow play on Table 3, well slow dealing really as the Black Cat flexed her strongbow.  The pressure showed when yet another river save sent his body into seizure...

The Hummingbird looked odds on to fly away with it at one point, taking down Five Fingers to double up with a river card reprieve to make the straight. Her wild celebrations are unequalled on the night, as is Fingers sour face.
Braveheart is disturbed by the early start, in true Father Jack style, not really comfortable with the sober reality!  His beer intake is rapid to numb this feeling and after not long at all, the Braveheart is his usual wild and crazy poker self!  Suffice to say, out soon after!
Five Fingers is fried by just about everyone.  Playing three sets of low pairs ("55% win chance pre flop") he finds that 45% of the time you lose! His poker heart is broken by the Hummingbird, top pair and ace kicker on 4th street count for nowt when the bird is soaring. Still to make a musical entrance to the final table, another year to wait, no cries of four more years please...  

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The Lawman
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Re: BIG ONE 04: Qualifer Table 2
Reply #2 - Oct 31st, 2004, 9:12pm
Ninth!! Ninth!!  
 I lost heads up in a side game to Poker Shark aswell after calling his 8 4 with a J Q and seeing a flop which dealt him not one, but two pairs!
So close to some glory (!) but it wasn't to be.
See you all next time..
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