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Ranking Game 4: 04.06.04 Pirate Pieces of Great (Read 4725 times)
Five Fingers
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Ranking Game 4: 04.06.04 Pirate Pieces of Great
Jun 5th, 2004, 11:24pm

1st Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
2nd = Lawman (Ems)
2nd = Poker Shark (Pete)
4th Black Cat (Caroline)
5th Love Rat (Steve)
6th Exocet (Paul)
7th Five Fingers (Ot)
8th The Fish (Gavin)
9th Real Deal (Dan)
10th Skywalker (Luke)
11th Superflash (Nick)
12th Hummingbird (Jo)
13th Braveheart (Craig)
14th Krazy Kat (Katie)
15th Professor (Ben)

Prize fund: 5.00 each  
Chip Leaders at merge - 5.00 prize
Final Table winner - 60.00 prize  
Game Length: 19.30pm - 21.55pm 2 hours 25 mins
Rules: Texas Hold'em
Three tables (5 person)
Tables merged at 9.30pm
Venue: Poker Joker Card Room
Final Table:
Unprecedented. Three qualifying tables. Four qualifiers. The chips are evenly spread and it looks set for a long grind to closing time.
I'll let the all conquering Pirate explain how he recorded a second ranking game season win:
"Cleared my table by 8.45 leaving 45 mins to study the other players before the merger and then dispatching the lot in 15 mins. All told 90 mins !!! Or 1 player every 6 mins (90 / 15 players)"
A poker plunder wonder...
Table 1:
Qualifiers - The Lawman (chip leader) & Black Cat
Out - Skywalker, Braveheart & Love Rat

The Lawmans debut shows yet again that it pays to be an enigma. Cat burgler as he pulls off a major chip coup in the final hand pre-merger.
Table 2:
Qualifiers - Poker Pirate (chip leader)
Out - Hummingbird, Krazy Kat, Superflash & The Fish

Krazy Kat is out early but true to her name is up for a rematch. The Poker Pirate is a cannon ball and sinks his table by 8.45pm (75 mins).
Table 3:
Qualifiers - Poker Shark (chip leader)
Out - Five Fingers, Professor, Exocet & Real Deal

The Professor is all in with 3 ladies on the first hand! The Real Deal is packing a full house of heartache and dispatches him to be a reluctant beer 'biatch'. The Poker Shark looks like a minnow early but winds up swallowing all his victims whole.
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Five Fingers
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Re: Ranking Game 4: 04.06.04 Pirate Pieces of Grea
Reply #1 - Jun 5th, 2004, 11:32pm
Another classic night of poker in my view. My strategy was to drink weak lager early and keep my wits about me. As soon as I predictably capitulated I turned to Stella and turned into a Braveheart breaker in the side games with an outrageous run of river saves.
Poker Lesson 1: Strong is better than weak
I also have a memory of making up some outrageous rule about order of play dictating which place the Shark would get. I even said I had seen this on tv in tourneys. In the cold light of day I have to admit there is not a shred of truth in this (it seemed real to me after the Stella!) and that, as in previous games, the placing and points are shared.
All in all a smashing night of poker summed up admirably by a bulging poker pirate chest:
"Whilst on the subject, I thoroughly enjoyed last night. There was no slow play or shouting etc. A nice civilised game."
Clearly PP was not involved in the side games!
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Five Fingers
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Ranking Game 4: 04.06.04 Poker Pressure
Reply #2 - Jun 6th, 2004, 10:32am
thanks to Skywalker and his miracle mobile phone for snapping these photos an artist would be proud of (I didnt say what kind of artist).
I think these snaps capture what its like to be faced down by fiersome physical specimens such as Lawman and Braveheart.
As Skywalker found out on the night, even the force can't save you.



Looking forward to the next game!
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Re: Ranking Game 4: 04.06.04 Pirate Pieces of Grea
Reply #3 - Jun 6th, 2004, 7:52pm
At last i have managed to post a comment!
Good night on Friday. Nice to put some faces to the nicknames.
Well done fingers on organisation. you must be due a name change to 'the fixer' soon?
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