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Fishbowl: 09.05.03 Skywalker alright jedi night (Read 2386 times)
Five Fingers
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Fishbowl: 09.05.03 Skywalker alright jedi night
Mar 6th, 2004, 3:32pm
1st Skywalker (Luke)
2nd Cuff (Rob)  
2nd Five Fingers (Ot)
4th Poker Shark (Pete)
5th The Fish (Gav)
6th Chucky (Gary)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £30.00    
Game Length: 20.00pm - 23.00pm  3 hours 00 mins    
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 45 mins    
Venue: The Fish Bowl
The players arrive at the Fish Bowl with no history and enter into a fierce opening gambit.  
Skywalker turns to the dark side and looks ready for an early bath, losing heavy in the early stages as the Poker Shark devoured the table in a feeding frenzy.  The force is with him as he battles through to the final stages.  With the short stack in a three handed game, he blasts Cuff and Five Fingers out of the final hand with AK pre-flop.  
Cuff is the player with pedigree, coming to the table with a Joe Beavers game to his name.  His chip stack is up and down all night.  Scares off the bluff by calling almost every bet.  Victim of the worst bad beat to date, losing with a flush to a straight Fingers flush.  Never recovers.  A solid performance.
Five Fingers brings his chips and looks the part.  Looks can be deceptive as he folds for an hour, gambles big for an hour and loses to Skywalker's mind control in the finale.  Wins an outrageous hand against Cuff.
Qc 8c Cuff
Ad 3c Fingers
All in move is called by Cuff.
Ac Kc 4c flop
Fingers is heading to the bathroom to kiss his arse goodbye. Fourth street and the river bring...
2c 5c
... and an Ace high flush is beaten by an A-5 straight flush... outrageous! (and thats just the open celebration!).
The Poker Shark comes out like the deadly predator he is, and takes a large chips lead in the first 30 minutes.  Loud vocal baiting of the table suggest the Shark is already planning his spending spree.  No limit hold'em is a cruel game and despite eating up the Fish, the Shark is reeled in and filleted by the final three.
The Fish is not best pleased to be on the end of a Shark attack and plays hard in the early stages, losing half his stack in a matter of minutes. Never recovers and the blinds slowly but surely catch up with the Fish.  Its upstream all night and the Fish is battered all night.    
Chucky is new to hold 'em but earns his nickname with some aggressive betting and some even more assured folding.  Not pleased to see a number of winning flops pass him by and starts to bet on a hope and a prayer.  There's no faith at the poker table and Chucky is soon chucked.  Dealing style erratic at best, chucky not lucky.
Thanks to the Fish and Poker Shark for hosting and for putting their poker table beside the beer fridge.  Dangerous but inspired.
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