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Hall of Fame: Lord Lucan (Read 3231 times)
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Hall of Fame: Lord Lucan
Feb 29th, 2004, 5:13pm

Richard John Bingham was born on December 18, 1934, to George Bingham, the Sixth Earl of Lucan and Countess Kait Lucan.  
While in England, John attended Eton, where he developed an interest in gambling and racing speed boats. The towering young man, who stood 6 feet 4, was handsome and aristocratic looking.  
In 1953 he joined the Coldstream Guards, where he spent much of his off-duty time playing poker or visiting casinos. After leaving the Army he joined a Merchant Bank, but by now, gambling was his first priority.  
Johns passion for gambling exceeded his interests in business or anything else. He spent a great deal of his free time at the casino tables at the Claremont Club in Berkley Square.  
In 1960, after winning more than £26,000 at chemin-de-fer in two days, John decided to devote himself full time to gambling. His closest friends referred to him from then on as 'Lucky';  Soon after his big win, he left his job at a merchant bank.
In March 1963 he was introduced to Veronica Duncan, his future wife.
Lucan was not an early riser, indeed he could not be, as his nights were spent at the gaming tables, and he did not return home until 6am. He slept until lunchtime, then went to lunch at his club, the Clermont.  
Between 1971 and 1972, pressure within the marriage began to peak. Lady Lucan became increasingly concerned about her husbands continued heavy losses at the gaming tables. She felt that he was dangerously addicted to gambling, and should have treatment for it. He had also refused to put money aside for the childrens education.
Lord Lucan became increasingly impatient with his wifes mental illness (post-natal depression) and sought solace at the card tables. In 1973, the marriage of Lord and Countess Lucan fell apart. A custody battle for the children ensued.  
The custody hearing ended in June 1973 and so did Lucky Lucans fortune. The judge found his behavior to be 'lawless'; and granted custody of the children to the Countess of Lucan. Lord Lucan was stuck with a debt exceeding £40,000.  
Lord Lucan became an insomniac and also began to drink heavily, following the loss of his custody battle. His life began a downward spiral which he blamed on his wife.  
On 7th November 1974, Sandra Rivett, nanny to the 3 Lucan children, was murdered in the basement at around 9pm. On investigating, Lady Lucan was similarly attacked, but survived. On defeating her attacker she found that it was her husband with whom she had been struggling.
By the end of the next day, 8th November, Lord Lucan had completely disappeared.The name 'Lord Lucan' has become synomous with missing persons ever since.  He was never found.  
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