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Season 3: Scoring points (Read 2405 times)
Five Fingers
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Season 3: Scoring points
Oct 7th, 2003, 12:46pm
after discussion it was agreed that ranking games will now be held bi-monthly.  
this will allow more time for friendlies and increased flexibility.
Therefore for 2003 / 2004 season.
Game 1: November
Game 2: January
Game 3: March
Game 4: May
Game 5: July
Game 6: September
The BIG ONE next year will be played in October as is tradition.
The points scoring will remain unchanged.
1st - 6 points
2nd - 3 points
3rd - 1 point
A player will score their best five results. Players will be able to miss one ranking game of their choice if needed.
I am looking extremely doubtful for January when Baby Fingers arrives!
Games will be held at the start of the month wherever possible.
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