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BIG ONE 2003: Table 1 - Candyman sweet sweep (Read 2314 times)
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BIG ONE 2003: Table 1 - Candyman sweet sweep
Oct 6th, 2003, 2:03pm
The Table 1 results were:  
Qualified with chip values:  
219 - Candyman (Alex)
99 - Poker Shark (Pete)
77 - Exocet
Did not Qualify (position based on exit time):  
10th The Fish (Gavin)  
11th Yellow Flag (Tom)
11th Real Deal (Dan)  
14th Professor (Ben)  
15th Mad Jack (Jackie)  
Prize fund: 10.00 each - table fund 80.00  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 4 and 8  
Venue: The Poker Stable
Report to follow... can someone on this table write up the game please... Candyman? (FF)
I'll try...I can't even blame any memory blips on drunkenness
As the only lady on table 1, Mad Jack obviously fancied her chances and duly took the first hand. Seemingly determined to be involved in every flop hurt her stack though and she was soon pushed into going all in on a flush draw. I think the flush came in but amazingly it wasn't good enough and she was the first to go.
It was a long time before the next player went down, and surprisingly it was the Professor. He too had a good start and was an early chip leader. I don't know if it was down to bad luck or him suddenly remembering how much he had enjoyed running his Bookies board in the Big One 2002 after his early exit... either way his chips started to disappear even more quickly than his drink and he was gone. Obviously livid, he was somewhat pacified by a present of the KP board that had a picture of a lovely lady on it - as somebody rightfully pointed out - it was the first time the Prof had held the nuts all night!

The Real Deal was the big favourite beforehand. He was not only 2003s big winner, with a splendiferous 4 ranking game wins, but also the form player, having taken the title in style only the night before. Either the pressure got to him or he had truly nuts cards because he was very quiet in the early stages. A mini revival saw with win with an all-in triple up followed by an all-in double up. His third all-in was a bridge too far though and the King was dead.
Yellow Flag surprised everyone by making a measured start to the game; I think a combination of a nightmare trip up from London and Mad Jack making an early exit put a more cautious edge to his play. Of course it couldn't last and he soon started winning hands with his normal forceful play causing all others to fold before him and his giant cigar. Finally, in a huge hand, he called the Real Deal all-in and then went all-in himself against the Candyman. After very, very nearly folding in the face of Yellow Flags bluff and bluster, the Candy called him on it and suddenly 2 Gardners were on their feet. With the river to come, although Candymans 99 led the way, the Deal was on a straight draw and had the chance at KK or QQ and the Flag had a chance at a flush, AA or 777. None of them came in and so in no more than 10 minutes all three Gardner brothers had bitten Big One dust.

The Fish seemed to struggle all night, playing a measured and patient game only to find that when he did get a half decent hand to play with Lady Luck kicked him sharply in the teeth. Having had the majority of his chips whittled away he went all in and was called by the Exocet. The Fishes AJ looked favourite against Exocets unsuited K10, particularly when 2 more bullets hit the flop! Suddenly it all went pair-shaped as the river came in a club, making it 4 clubs on the table and giving the Exocet an unbeatable Ace high flush. When it aint your night it aint your night
The Exocet looked very strong throughout and was favourite to be the chip leader from table one once the table merged. How could this debonairly dressed poker joker be stopped??? It seemed that a few people had the same idea at the same time and suddenly the Exocet was hidden behind 3 freshly bought pints. Whether this was the cause or not, in the few hands preceding the merger his stack was halved by back to back Candy flushes followed up by a Candy Full House. He made the final table, but he wasnt the force that he had been just a few hands earlier.

The Poker Shark lived up to his name as he continually took bites out of his opponents chip stacks. After a slow start he won a few big hands, spending the rest of the time lurking menacingly. However he too was slightly weakened by the Candymans late run of luck and took less chips than he might of to the final table.
The Candyman had been given short odds going into the Big One after winning 50% of the ranking games that he had entered. The odds looked generous early on with the Candyman not wanting the tables to merge as he was on a real roll. He seemed to know exactly when to hold em and when to fold em and was helped by some good cards - being dealt suited close connectors an amazing 7 times in a row of which turned into flushes and also hitting Kings over Jacks twice. He took a big chip lead into the final table but did he have the bottle to go on and turn them into a bracelet? (No!)

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