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Ranking Game 12: Real Deal wraps it up (Read 2281 times)
Five Fingers
Ex Member

Ranking Game 12: Real Deal wraps it up
Oct 4th, 2003, 10:25am
1st Real Deal (Dan)
2nd DOG (Carol)
3rd Professor (Ben)
4th Exocet (Paul)
5th Five Fingers (Ot)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £25.00 † † †
Game Length: 9.00pm - 11.00pm 2 hours 00 mins † † †
Rules: Texas Hold'em - 1st 60 mins... antes double 30 mins † † †  
Venue: The Professor Poker Study

Its final ranking game time and the Real Deal showdown with Five Fingers is on.
The title is decided on a massive hand. †Unfortunately it was only about the 10th hand of the night.
Five Fingers is holding Q9c suited as hole cards. The betting is slow until the river card, an ace of clubs filling up the flush. †Fingers knows that only one card in the pack can beat his hand and that the Real Deal must also hold another club to make his King of Clubs count. Goes for the check raise hoping to sucker the Deal. †The Deal bets 10, Fingers doesnt hesitate and puts in almost all his chip stack. The Real Deal bets all in and both players are standing.
The last hole card turned up in the showdown is the Real Deal's bright and shiny King of clubs with a suited partner card. The Real Deal takes the title with a AK flush beating an AQ flush.

A justifed winner of the seasons league prize, the Real Deal goes on to win a season's fourth ranking game on the night. A record to surely remain unmatched for a long long time. Respect.

The Exocet, Professor and DOG play the game out but cannot stop the poker jugganaut that is the REAL DEAL.

Quote from our champion please Real Deal...
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