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Friendly - 02.08.03 The Barnacle clings on to win (Read 2961 times)
Five Fingers
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Friendly - 02.08.03 The Barnacle clings on to win
Aug 7th, 2003, 2:59pm
1 The Barnacle (Hugo)
2 The Thinker (Dave)
3 The Real Deal (Dan)
4 Five Fingers (Ot)
5 Candyman (Alex)
Prize fund: 5.00 each - total first prize 25.00    
Game Length: 00.30pm - 03.00pm  2 hours 30 mins    
Rules: Texas Hold'em antes double 30 mins      
Venue: The Real Deal Horseshoe
The Poker Jokers are disgraced.  Relative newcomers the Barnacle and the Thinker hit the table and wipe the old hands aside.  No excuses, just poor excuses for card players on the night.
Not even a drink fuelled kareoke session pre-game can be used to explain this beating, the Barnacle and Thinker were lead singers.
The Thinker plays a tight slow game, meticulously considering the merits of each flop and folding if in doubt.  Bets strong when holding strength and accumlates a huge chip lead in the heads up contest.  The Barnacle looks washed up but is tenacious, biding his time and playing a game of endurance.  The evenings events catch up with the Thinker, his brain shuts down, he goes pale and all in on J4 unsuited.  The end is followed shortly by some just too late tactical chundering.  Disgraceful.  The Barnacle celebrates his first victory in Poker Jokers.
The Real Deal goes out in a blaze of controversy!  In a vital hand, the Barnacle shows his cards on the river before any betting.  The Real Deal has a lower hand and has lost any opportunity to bluff and bluster the Barnacle out of the hand.  He tries to call foul, but the ruling is against him and his bankroll is busted.  Controversial.
The Candyman and Five Fingers are drunken muppets who should be banned from wielding cards in such a state for the good of their health.
As they sing down the kareoke...
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The Real Deal
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Re: Friendly - 02.08.03 The Barnacle clings on to
Reply #1 - Aug 7th, 2003, 3:24pm
Bloody Outrageous! Angry
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