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Ranking Game 8 - Fingers fist full of dynamite (Read 3124 times)
Five Fingers
Ex Member

Ranking Game 8 - Fingers fist full of dynamite
Jun 15th, 2003, 9:06am
1st Five Fingers (Ot)
2nd DOG (Carol)
3rd Professor (Benny)
4th Black Cat (Caroline)
5th Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
6th Viking (Cammy)
7th Real Deal (Dan)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £35.00      
Game Length: 8.00pm - 00.00pm 4 hours 00 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 60 + 45's mins        
Venue: The Pirate Poker Nest
The Real Deal is a runaway leader and controversially, puts yet another bounty reward on anyone taking out Five Fingers.  The plan appears to be working as Five Fingers is down to 50% of his stack within the first 30 minutes, after a rush of testosterone against the Professor and DOG.  Cautious but aggressive card playing for the rest of the night (all in six times) leaves Fingers in a heads up against the DOG.
The DOG takes an immediate chip lead.  The game is decided in one classic hand.
The flop is 2 7 8 unsuited.
Fingers has 66, a low pair with overcards on the board.
The DOG has AK and goes all-in.  
After an eternity, Five Fingers sniffs that the DOG hasn't made a pair and is playing high unsuited cards. The risky call takes place.  J 10 can't save the DOG.
Five Fingers takes the game, the cash, the points, the poker joker winners shirt, and in all probability the biscuit.  The Poker Jokers league is tied at the top.

The DOG plays tight in the early stages, but pulls out a monster draw to sink her teeth into the Professor and Five Fingers stacks.  A huge bet by Fingers after the flop is dismissed out of hand by the DOG, who reraises.  With a Q on the board, the DOG hasn't even made a pair and has AK unsuited in her hand.  The Professor has to fold, facing extinction with a call.  Fingers was representing, and a K on fourth street wins the DOG a huge pot and ammunition enough to get to heads up.  Ruthless play in the heads up puts the pressure on Five Fingers big time.  The lead on this occasion is a choker as the poker poodle raises all in, drawing a hand yet again.  Strong strong gambling by our resident rottweiler comes up just short on the night.
'I've got my poker mojo back.'

The Professor is wittled away in the early stages and caught out when placing a big bet in a DOG Fingers exchange.  Too expensive for the Professor, he calculates the odds and decides to wait.  Unable to make an impact on the leaders, he still holds out for a third place finish and a ranking point.  Small consolation for a man who plays for filthy lucre.  All in a few times on the night and running an emotional roller coaster.

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Five Fingers
Ex Member

Ranking Game 8 - Fingers fights back
Reply #1 - Jun 15th, 2003, 10:03am
The Black Cat is playing another solid game of cards and looking to record another points finish.  Yet to finish out of the points, despite a short stack, she looks odds on to make it.  With the antes reaching deadly proportions, the Black Cat is forced to pounce and calls all-in with two pairs against a Five Fingers made straight.  The potential full house has no cat flap and never materialises.  Our feline warrier is out.  The Black Cat curls up on the sofa and dreams of what might have been.

The Poker Pirate is an absolute crazed plunderer.  After heroics making fire in the garden and roasting hen, he brings the pirate antics to the table and goes all in on the first hand with 42 suited pre-flop.  Too darn insane for the rest of the table, fastest folding in history.  Continues in the same vein, 'taking hostage' peoples chips and bullying the table.  Mid-game the Pirate appears to have had too much moonshine and plays loose and loud.  Too loose.  Though a number of the players think this beer frenzy was a bluff, the rapid release of his hostages tells another story. The Poker Pirate is brought to justice.  Wild.
The Viking arrives late and immediately starts to pillage.  Anted away till his arrival, in 45 minutes the Viking had lost 3 chips without even being at the table.  The Viking is a raider and tries to build an early chip lead with some big betting on some small cards.  The invasion is repelled with a run of defensive calling by the rest of the table.  The Viking is made an honest man, by having to show the true power in his arsenal.  Sent to Valhalla.  In a cruel statistic, the Viking becomes the only player to perform better before his arrival.

The Real Deal looks super-confident.  He knows that his lead is secure whatever happens tonight and plays slow in the early stages.  Smells an opportunity to oust Five Fingers, his closest rival, and bets into his stack after an hour.  Three aces in three consequtive hands for Five Fingers, leaves the Real Deal dead in the water, shocked and awed.  The league is blown wide open.  The Real Deal shares the lead with four ranking events to play.  It's going to the wire.
Thanks to the Poker Pirate and Black Cat for hosting ranking game 8 and putting on a fantastic spread of barbequed fodder and lappings of lager.
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