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Hall of Fame: Ian Fleming (Read 3124 times)
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Hall of Fame: Ian Fleming
Jun 2nd, 2003, 6:54pm

Born in 1908 Ian Lancaster Fleming grew up the member of a rare class of Englishmen. Ian won the athletic prize 2 years' running at Eton, but left before graduation over an incident involving a girl. Fleming's career at the military academy Sandhurst proved just as undistinguished, and he left without taking an officer's commission. In May of 1939, Fleming started a formal attachment to the intelligence service, working with Naval Intelligence.  
Fleming is best known as the author and creator of James Bond and his series of novels.  Like the Bond character Fleming liked to live life to the full.  It may be that years of drinking and smoking took their toll, or that the butter-rich cooking Fleming loved was the culprit.  
Ian Fleming died of heart failure on August 12, 1964.
"I am not a good poker player. I drink and smoke and enjoy the game too much. You shouldn't do any of these things if you want to win at poker. Poker is a cold-hearted, deadly game that breaks and bankrupts men today just as, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, écarté, backgammon, ombre and faro bankrupted our rakehelly ancestors.  
The last time I played poker, I lost more than I could afford in rich brassy company in a house at Sunningdale. These people would introduce variations which I was mocked for not understanding. In the end, numb with martinis and false bonhomie, I pretended I understood the intricacies of Minnie Everley. At the time and in the name of Minnie, I played a ragged, brash game that cost me dear. I was fleeced and deserved to be. I will caution you that very few fine card players are the sort of people you and I would like to play with. It's not fun playing against cold-hearted butchers, however soft their words."
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