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Hall of Fame: George Best (Read 2415 times)
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Hall of Fame: George Best
May 29th, 2003, 8:10am

Born in Belfast on May 22,1946, George Best grew up on the Cregagh estate and played football for both Cregagh Boys Club and Lisnasharragh Intermediate School. He joined Manchester Uniteds ground staff in August 1961.  
By 26, George Best had won a European Cup Winner's medal, two League Championship medals, European and British Footballer of the Year awards, and had been Manchester United's top scorer for six consecutive seasons. There was, as he has said before, 'nowhere else to go but down'.  
Girls came and went, mostly blonde, mostly driven to depair by his drinking and gambling, then driven to the tabloids in revenge. He claimed to have bedded five Miss Worlds. There is a famous story about George Best,  after he had won one night at a casino and a bellboy found him in his hotel room drinking champagne with Miss World with £25,000 scattered across his bed.  The bell boy said, "Tell me George, where did it all go wrong?"  
'I loved it. I always wanted more - more of everything. Girls, drink, success. I suppose my problem was that I couldn't get enough.'  
When asked what he did with all his money George replied:  
"Booze, birds and gambling. I blew the rest"
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