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Hall of Fame: Larry Flynt (Read 3261 times)
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Hall of Fame: Larry Flynt
May 28th, 2003, 2:00pm

In his early twenties, Flynt bought a bar in Dayton USA and transformed it into a successful strip club. Within a year he expanded business, opening similar clubs in Columbus, Toledo, Akron, and Cleveland. The establishments quickly gained loyal customers.
In the early seventies Flynts life became a whirlwind of flashy clubs, cars, and women. He had fathered four children (all by different mothers) by 1974. Around this time, he also met a 17-year-old dancer named Althea Leasure, who became his most trusted advisor, eventually managing his 300 dancers. The couple married in 1976.  
Fueled by his vision that the artsy layouts of Penthouse and the unattainable models of Playboy alienated the average man, Flynt set out to launch his own mens magazine. He nationally released the first issue of Hustler magazine in 1974. Geared toward working-class men, Hustlers contents were implicitly hard core, anti-establishment and class antagonistic.  
From the first day Hustler hit the newsstands, Flynt challenged Americas interpretation of the First Amendment. In March 1978, alleged gunman and white supremacist Joseph Paul Franklin shot Flynt and his lawyer, Gene Reeves, outside a Georgia courthouse. Flynts injuries included permanent paralysis of his legs, as well as a minor speech impediment.  
Casinos call high rollers 'whales'.  Among Americans, the best-known whale might be Hustler founder Larry Flynt, who beat the Hilton for $1 million, playing blackjack at $15,000 per hand for 20 straight hours. On another occasion he lost over $2 million playing the great Slim Amarillo at poker. In 2000, Larry Flynt became the new owner of the new Hustler Casino in Gardena, California.  
When Larry Flynt wanted a place to play cards, someplace nice, where high rollers could feel as comfy as they do in Vegas, he had to create it. Hence, the Hustler Casino.
Source: biography.com
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