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Hall of Fame: Michael Caine (Read 1799 times)
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Hall of Fame: Michael Caine
May 28th, 2003, 9:20am

"I remember playing poker with Michael Caine during lunch. We'd all sit around in our underwear, so the costumes wouldn't get messed up. Drink iced San Miguel, eat fish and rice out of newspaper cones, swim off the funky old PI Navy PT boat they had tied up there, and play poker. Caine would come out and play and drink and cuss and spit with us."
Harold Moorehead, GDHS 1971  
In the 1970's Michael Caine was drinking up to three bottles of vodka a day according to his autobiography.  
"It's not misery. We drank alcohol because we couldn't afford drugs. We were too poor. I had a lot to drink, but I liked drinking so much I cut right back on it so no doctor would ever say to me you can never have another drink. In the seventies I stayed in the Playboy Mansion in Chicago and everyone was so up in arms, morally, about the whole thing. None of the press guys in Chicago would interview me until I moved out. There were 86 Bunnies in there with a 24 hour a day kitchen and bar. Now you imagine that for a single man of 30, who'd had a slow life up until that time.  Where I come from in London, it was like Sicily. You look at a girl twice and two guys with a shotgun come up and you've got to get married. Technical difficulties, in the fifties, were how to get a bra off with one hand. It was very difficult. In the sixties, all the girls threw their bras away. And I thought Jesus Christ this is great!"

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