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Ranking Game 7 - The Clover is laughing boy (Read 5454 times)
Five Fingers
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Ranking Game 7 - The Clover is laughing boy
May 18th, 2003, 11:15am
1st The Clover (Mark)
2nd Real Deal (Dan)
3rd Black Cat (Caroline)
4th Five Fingers (Ot)
5th The Fox (Sarah)
6th Candyman (Alex)
7th DOG (Carol)
8th Exocet (Paul)
9th Professor (Ben)
10th Poker Pirate (Jamesie)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £50.00      
Game Length: 9.00pm - 01.00pm 4 hours 00 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 60 + 40's mins        
Venue: The Real Deal Horseshoe
With ten players, the event is two tables, merged after 100 minutes play.

1 - Red table
Five Fingers | The Fox | Exocet | Candyman | DOG
2 - Black table
Black Cat | The Clover | Poker Pirate | Real Deal | Professor
Real Deal
Black Cat
The Clover
The Fox
Five Fingers

The Clover makes his first appearance at the poker joker tables and looks odds on to be a lamb to the slaughter, stumbling over the rules in the first hands. During the game it comes to light that the Clover is a brag and draw player and was just unsteady on hold em. Destroys his qualifying table with a trips run unseen to date.  Takes out the DOG in the final table with an overpair and looks pretty with 80% of the chips.  In the heads up, loses big and is down to a big blind all in play.  Bounces back and pulls out a miracle recovery to win in his debut appearance.  Despite suggestions that his name be 'laughing boy' due to his open delight at winning, the Clover has cards (trips), luck (all in blind) and surely a guardian card angel.  A threat.

The Real Deal is in the kill zone.  His consistency this season has left him a runaway leader at the top of the league board.  Has to call all in a number of times on the night to reach heads up, surving in the latter stages with an outrageous full house.  It looks all over bar the shouting (the Professor's job surely on the night) when faced with an 80% chip stack deficit against the Clover.  An amazing aggressive attack brings the Clover to his knees.  Killer instinct deserts him and the Real Deal blows it.  Points in the bag though.
The Black Cat picks up another point.  Two ranking games, two points finishes.  A new maturity in her game is apparent, as the Black Cat plays with cunning and caution.  Calls only when necessary.  Not easily bluffed either, this cat has claws beneath that soft surface.  Delighted with her result, the leading lady, a ranking win must surely be on (in?) the cards shortly. Meow!
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Five Fingers
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Ranking Game 7 - The Clover is laughing boy
Reply #1 - May 18th, 2003, 11:16am
Five Fingers has an absolute roller coaster of an evening.  Is down to 10 chips within 10 minutes, being beaten up bad in a Fox / DOG lady sandwich. Comes out blazing and doubles up time and time again.  Enters the final table with his original stake and a good chance.  Fingers folds a number of winning hands pre-flop.  In a game changing dilemma, folds the top pair after the flop 853 with 8J in the hand.  The board fills up with J8 only for Real Deal to take down a huge pot with 88833.  No guts no glory and a mentally numb struck Fingers is ousted shortly afterwards to a Cat call.
The Fox runs away with it in the first hour, amassing a large chip lead to take to the final table.  Makes a number of rash late calls before the merger, and arrives at the final table without ever having had to bet a pink chip, a rare accolade indeed.  Unfortunately, when the pink lady finally lets the chips loose, its way too loose and the Fox is no more.  Our previous winner gives up the Joker shirt after a glorious months reign.
The Candyman is bitter.  His run of cards at the qualifying table sounded heartbreakingly poor.  Paranoia sets in and the Candyman is concerned that sitting next to the DOG, he keeps drawing dead with K9 (canine) in the hand.  Short stacked all night he turns to the darkside and starts grinding.  Antes eat up the Candyman and his poor run of form continues.  New logo request is only consolation.

The DOG plays an erratic game on the night with some definate gambling moves going down.  Looks like being anted away at the final table with a 50% depleted chip stack.  On the final qualifying hand, the DOG makes her move and goes all-in pre-flop with Q 10.  Fingers should know better but calls, unable to resist the opportunity to put down the DOG with A Q.  Two more 10's on the board wag the tail end of her hand.  Too rash at the final table, too many all in moves end in tradgedy and a DOG pounding.
It's the Exocet's birthday but his poker presence is limited to the qualifying table only.  His adopted name 'Geeney' in tribute to his days Guiness drinking take the fizz out of his play and the old explosiveness is replaced by a mild pop.  Hits the bar big time with the Professor making such delights as 'Dirty Tramps Man Juice' and his speciality 'Whiskey Rocks', a secret recipe based on... well straight whiskey and ice really. Wins the second game to prove his aim can still be deadly.
The Professor is pissed.  Pissed off at losing so early in the game, he lasted about 30 minutes, and pissed out his mind waiting for the game to begin.  An afternoon's FA Cup watching takes its toll as he runs into the Clover steamroller.  Tries to give the Clover some good tips and help ('you can bet all your chips nows if you like') in the early stages, but even that can't save him.  Left to rue another beating at the ranking game.
The Poker Pirate hardly left dock.  All in and all out in a matter of nine minutes, he is totally beached hook line and sinker by the Clover.  Ignores the old saying, never bully the 'beginner', especially if they have trips every hand and may know a little more than you think.  Blown clean out of the water and left to let his missus do his dirty work for the next four hours.  More blunder than plunder tonight.  
Obviously I could only be on one qualifying table so if anyone wants to add anything please do.  Great game, another new winner.  It gets harder and harder to get a result...
For standings click http://www.pokerjokers.co.uk/jokers.htm
Thanks to Dan and Sarah for superb hosting.
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Five Fingers
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Ranking Game 7 - The Clover is laughing boy
Reply #2 - May 18th, 2003, 1:33pm







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The Professor
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Re: Ranking Game 7 - The Clover is laughing boy
Reply #3 - May 19th, 2003, 11:13am
What an Outrageous night. Im giving up poker and becoming a spoof professional.
Spoof is the new poker.
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YaBB Newbies

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Re: Ranking Game 7 - The Clover is laughing boy
Reply #4 - May 19th, 2003, 11:13am
Cheers Deal & the Fox for hosting - footie, beer, barbie, poker, cocktails and a bed for the night...what more could a man ask for
I need to get more games under my belt because the standard of play has risen and left me behind - Fingers sucker punched me twice by slow playing big hands and if he is duping me I know I'm in trouble...
The happy-go-lucky-handing-out-lollipops-to-kids-nice-as-you-like Candyman is no more...replaced by a nasty-bastard-would-sell-his-own-granny-out-to-win-the-pot Candyman. Hawaian shirts are out...black shirts and shades are in - (until I get my hands on the Poker Joker shirt that is)....  
An old tale says that if you say "candyman" five times whilst looking into a mirror, then "he" will appear behind you and cut you in two. A newer tale says that if you invite Candyman to your poker table he will steal all you chips and take all your money...go on...I dare you
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