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15.06.02 Yellow Flag wins world cup bid (Read 2239 times)
Five Fingers
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15.06.02 Yellow Flag wins world cup bid
May 14th, 2003, 9:52am
The Results from 15.06.02 were:  
1st. Yellow Flag (Tom)  
2nd. Wino (Paul)  
3rd. Professor (Ben)  
4th. Real Deal (Dan)  
Last Boy Plunger (Ian)  
Last Fingers (Ot)  
Prize fund: 5.00 euro each - total first prize 20.00  
Game Length: Unknown  
Rules: Texas Hold Em  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Venue: Footie Bar in Le Touquet  
What an afternoon to remember!  
England FC destroy Denmark in a 3-0 drubbing and the Poker Jokers have had too much high spirits for one day. A stirring rendition of the Great Escape theme tune and lots of flag waving empties the bar and sets up a poker showdown.  
It is clear that the majority of Jokers have a very blurred memory of the occasion.  
Yellow Flag is winner in what can only be described as a flagging table. As I was not present at this point (too busy drinking) I can only assume that the Flag was a 'caged tiger'. Spent the entire weekend on a mission to buy some lucky 'porno cards'... not needed on this performance.  
Wino records an impressive second place and maintains his run of form. Just a few hours later the man was spilling his drink on the roulette table and messing with the Rutland boys ('you.. wan*er... your girlfriend... very nice'). Surely a last place and a danger to the table if start has been delayed any further.  
Professor is more 'doe' than 'stag' and fades away fast in the end game. Drink levels looked odds on for an early night before rallying back at the hotel for a second wind. Performs better in the real casino later with the 'magic 21' roulette incident... 'the whole casino was cheering'... no Prof, that was just you!  
The Real Deal is out early again. Clearly affected by the 24 hour porn on in his hotel room and the glory of the England victory. Definately distracted but no excuses, still making up the numbers.  
The Boy Plunger is last again. Not content with being last he takes Fingers down with him as they leave the table even. Booze must be a factor for these power players. That and being completely shite on the day. Respect for organising the stag party is due and our new Poker Joker t-shirts are now uniform for the team.  
After an hour playing arcade strip poker on the machines, Fingers is completely confused that there were no girls in scantily clad attire in the competition. Retires a dribbling booze filled fool with no recollection of the game ever taking place.  
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