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31.05.02 DOG devours the poker girl thingies (Read 1431 times)
Five Fingers
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31.05.02 DOG devours the poker girl thingies
May 14th, 2003, 9:39am
The Results from 17.05.02 were:  
1st. DOG (Carol)  
2nd. Fingers (Ot)  
3rd. Grinder (Ian)  
Last Professor (Ben)  
Prize fund: 1.25 each - total first prize 5.00  
Game Length: 2 hours 00 mins (12.00am to 2.00am)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 15 mins  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Venue: Fingers Card Shack  
Album of night: Ike and Tina Turner  
What a terrible night for the jokers. The DOG is unbeatable. Shes got the vote, now she wants our game too. Champion in a champions league tonight. Women in Poker? More like 'Women Own Poker'... it's not right.  
The DOG plays the most impressive game of poker I have ever seen. Down to a just a handfull of treats she regrouped, came out growling and in an immense one on one showdown with Fingers (over an hour) she wins it on Ace High. Amazing skills.  
Fingers is determined and focused. Aggressive betting bottles the poker boys. DOG has xray specs as she calls every Fingers hand perfectly. Not much in it ... except the win. Fingers has been rumbled... completely mindfu*ked.  
Grinder should have gone to bed. His hunger for ranking points backfires as his grinding style is passe in a game of big betting and strong bluffs. Shows little versatility and ambition but remains an impressive points winner.  
Professor is using liquid courage as his beer stamina wanes. Like taking candy from a baby his chips are robbed by the table. Down and out. Has come last four times in May. If he was a pet a vet would surely have to put him out of his misery. Awful.  
By Fingers on Saturday, June 01, 2002 - 02:59 pm:  
just cleaned up house after battles. Counted a total of 50 (!) empty beer vessels shared out between four of us...  
my point is... cola Grinder, how did you manage not to win last night?!?!? Impressive...  

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