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25.05.02 Anaconder kiss of death for Grinder (Read 1516 times)
Five Fingers
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25.05.02 Anaconder kiss of death for Grinder
May 14th, 2003, 9:37am
The results from 25th May 2002 were :-  
Winner: The Anaconder (Anna)  
2nd: Grinder (Ian)  
3rd: D.O.G. (Carol)  
4th: Care Bear (Carey)  
5th: The Professor (Ben)  
Prize Fund: 25 Antes double every 30 Minutes  
Game Length: 2 1/2 hours  
The Professor began full of confidence after winning an unofficial game the previous night and then fleecing Grinder in a warm-up hand. However, as has been the case too often recently, he quickly lost his bottle throwing in all his chips on Jack high to take an early exit !  
Care Bear was new on the scene. She kept her cards close to her chest not giving much away. Managed to clean up the first couple of hands by raising it just one chip. The Professor sensed he was dealing with a bluffer and went head to head. Care Bear responded with a two pair to take the hand.  
However, it was the Anaconder, hissing and biting her way through the game, who really ruffled the fur of the DOG and the Grinder in particular. Half the time she bet big on nothing cards but then took Care Bear and DOG out of the game with two straights in a row. DOG had been the master the previous week but appeared uneasy in the presence of such an aggressive player.  
As usual it was left to Grinder with a very limited Arsenal to try and take out the strong player. He struck early - two Jacks and two Queens turned the tables. He followed up by raising the stakes in the following hand only for the Anaconder to fold. A couple of grinds later he moved in for the kill raising the stakes to see if Anaconder had the bottle to get on her feet. But this was one snake that was not going to go quitely. She took her chances and revealed a pathetic bluff from Grinder to sweep the board. With one chance left Grinder went all in with 2 pairs and an ace only for Anaconder to kill him off once and for all with a full house.  
So the Grinder was the bridesmaid yet again ! There is even a rumour that he will be swapping roles with Hummingbird on the 22nd !  
The effect on the Rankings was marked with the Professor's poor run of luck finally knocking him off the top spot. The new joint leaders on 70.5 points are Grinder and Daughter of Grinder. Does this say anything about the most effective way to play poker ?!!!  
By Fingers on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 04:10 pm:  
Well done Anaconda!  
I pissed myself laughing reading how you toyed with these experienced jokers...  
One more game and you get a ranking... and a blooming impressive one too!  
I better buy another book!  
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