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10.05.02 DOG sabotages the Fox hunt (Read 1232 times)
Five Fingers
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10.05.02 DOG sabotages the Fox hunt
May 14th, 2003, 9:33am
The Results from 10.05.02 were:  
1st. DOG (Carol)  
2nd. Fox (Sarah)  
3rd. Grinder (Ian)  
4th. Professor (Ben)  
5th. The Real Deal (Dan)  
Last Fingers (Ot)  
Prize fund: 5 each - total first prize 30.00  
Game Length: 3 hours 00 mins (9.00pm to 12.00am)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 45 mins  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Venue: Chateau Gardner  
Game called with 30 minutes notice. Six very dedicated (sad?) people with nothing else to do on a Friday night come down to the poker shoot out.  
Girl power wins the night with the DOG and Fox routing the men (boys?) from the table.  
DOG looks down and out with just two chips left in the final showdown. Chews her way back into the game by barking and growling the Fox into submission, aggressively raising each hand. The DOG is victorious in a matter of five hands. Grinding? Not a sniff of it.  
The Fox is a real power in the game and added teeth to her game by becoming the White Wino, and downing a bottle of plonk! Looks a certain winner with just the DOG to escape. Unable to deal with the tactics of a cornered DOG, she falters at the last. Scant consolation from the DOG... 'Your day will come soon, very soon'  
Grinder does what he does best... grinds. Laid back in his lounge chair, folds, and folds, and folds... Wants to be rebranded the Plunger... not much chance of that on the evidence of yet another night of picking up the scraps and a few ranking points. Never in it to win it.  
Professor is unable to deal with his lady sandwich. Stuck with a seat position between the DOG and the Fox, there was only a hard place left and he is sent back to Poker school by his former student. Poor form continues...  
The Real Deal has been on a terrible run of form since reinventing himself. Looks odds on to exit first as he plays a number of hands all-in with just the ante for company. Picks up a valuable extra ranking point on a night of firing blanks. Where next for the Real Deal?  
Fingers is super-confident after his recent big win. Sees an opportunity to bully the girls off the table, sensing 'weakness' and calls 'all-in' with a no value hand. The DOG is put down but the Fox calls and sends Fingers out to the chicken coup.  
Fingers is behind the times, the girls won't be bullied, they are the new power in the Poker Jokers league.  
By Professor the sexist on Saturday, May 11, 2002 - 04:22 pm:  
women should be banned from poker...  
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