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03.05.02 Fingers resurrects joker graveyard (Read 1201 times)
Five Fingers
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03.05.02 Fingers resurrects joker graveyard
May 14th, 2003, 9:31am
The Results from 03.05.02 were:  
1st. Fingers (Ot)  
2nd. Candyman (Alex)  
3rd. Yellow Flag (Tom)  
4th= Mentalist (Nats)  
4th= DOG (Carol)  
6th. The F.All Guy (Riddler)  
7th. The Real Deal (Dan)  
8th. Wino (Paul)  
9th. Grinder (Ian)  
Last Professor (Ben)  
Prize fund: £5 each - total first prize £50.00  
Game Length: 4 hours 00 mins (8.00pm to 12.00am)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 45 mins  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Chips: 6 white - 6 yellow - 4 red - 2 blue  
Venue: Grangers Palace  
Album of Night: Live After Death - Iron Maiden  
A night of pure shock and high drama at the big table.  
The Jokers self destruct as first Professor, Grinder, then Wino, are blown of the table and console themselves with straight whisky and old eighties vinyls.  
Candyman and the Yellow Flag take on Fingers in the final showdown. In an unprecedented round of chipleader exchanges, Fingers comes back from the dead to resurrect the Joker name.  
Fingers drives on the night and replaces lager with redbull. Takes out Grinder in a check-raise bluff leaving our rank leader shocked and shaken. Fingers is drained after resisting his mind powers.  
Fingers cooks the Candyman in marathon mind game. Waves good loser Yellow Flag goodbye with a royal pair of kings... 'You bastard, you just farted in my face'  
Candyman wins silver again. Driving too, he plays a night of strong cards, always in with a chance. Sets a record for all-in stands, 10 plus in the end. Will Candyman ever win the Golden Ticket and a trip to Willy Wonka heaven? 'I'm second... again'  
The Yellow Flag takes out the Professor in another close call. Plays alot of hands but in the final showdown looks odds on for a victory, a clear chip leader. Loses patience and gambles big on a pair of tens (against KK). Consoles himself withe thoughts of his mellow weekend in Amsterdam.  
Yellow Flag hands over chips gratiously... 'You can get your crappity smacking ruler out and count 'em yourself’  
The DOG is uncertain and in turmoil. 1 on 1 practicing with the Professor has done more harm than good as she appears to fold strong hands and hold weaker ones. Still records an impressive 4th place and maintains consistancy. Leads the ladies double exit at the hand of Fingers.  
DOG wants a name change. Wants to be a Joker more as she reads the riot act and calls a ban on events at Chateau Gardner till she gets admitted... 'I enjoyed the night'  
Mentalist has a good night. Destroys the field in the first two hands and maintains her usual poker faced demeanor.  
Mentalist continues to stay the course as she plays mature and measured cards. Must have been on medication all week as she restricts moments of madness and makes ranking points... 'I stayed longer than ever before'  
The F.all Guy is learning to break his fall as most of his stunts come off safely. Records a respectable placing and appears to have improved understanding of the game. Though still liable to play the F.All hand on occasion. One to watch though and honest enough to admit defeat... 'Thoroughly bluffed and need a pee'  
The Real Deal is not happy. Claims to get bum cards all night. The chip stack is slowly wittled away until the Real Deal has to come out on the steal. Daylight robbery averted as he crashes from the table with only bad luck and a positive outlook for friends ... 'Smile mate?! I crappity smacking lost, I've had bad cards all night'  
Wino looks confident and is on the light stuff tonight (beer and whiskey). Plays confidently enough and looks hopeful as the big gun jokers fire blanks early on. Looks supremely confident as stands tall asnd goes all-in with aplomb. For a matter of seconds Wino looks odds-on to be the bully on the table.  
 Wino is bewildered as the cards hit back and he is buried in the Joker graveyard... 'I'm very disappointed'  
Grinder travels well and is supremely confident on the way to the showdown. Tries to take out Fingers early assuming that he must have better cards. Is stunned to see strong cards and consoles himself in the bottom of a bottle. Grinder leaves the table quietly and with dignity.  
 Grinder ends night unconsious and horizontal. Is this the breaking of the GROUNDer?... 'I was taken out by a maverick'  
The Professor is counted out after 20 minutes. Victim of another classic family showdown with the Yellow Flag, his bogey opponent. Yet again, unlucky to lose on a draw but has only himself to blame as he goes charging out early.  
 Professor is the first big name on a tombstone as the Joker destruction begins. Remains a power in the game, but on nights like this, big brother is watching, not playing... 'That's nuts that is'  
A special thankyou to the Mentalist (and Wino) for hosting in what was surely the most boistrous night so far.  
What with F.All guy knocking over about 100 videos off a shelf, unexpected guests, Grinder dropping the vinyls and swinging chairs, and the Jokers singing 'we're on the ball' at 2am... it's a wonder the police weren't called... thanks Nats.  




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