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05.04.02 DOG in ladies night - Fingers eats words (Read 1788 times)
Five Fingers
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05.04.02 DOG in ladies night - Fingers eats words
May 14th, 2003, 9:23am
The Results from 05.04.02 were:  
1st. DOG (Carol)  
2nd. Professor (Ben)  
3rd. Ishmael Swerve (Adam)  
4th. Dealer (Dan)  
5th. Fingers (Ot)  
Last The Fox (Sarah)  
Prize fund: 5 each - total first prize 30.00  
Game Length: 2 hours 30 mins (7.30pm to 10.00pm)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 45 mins  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Chips: 6 white - 6 yellow - 4 red - 2 blue  
Venue: Fingers Card Shack  
Album of night: Kool and the Gang (Best of)  
History made as the DOG bites the boys arses. A lady wins and Fingers is made to rue the day he said he would eat his poker books if a woman won. With a dollop of tomato ketchup he was forced to eat the written word. It was Ladies Night, there can be no doubt.  
DOG attacks with one of the most controlled games seen to date. Grinding early on, ruthless raising in the end game. One on one for the victory against the Professor, he was putty in her paw. Women on top. The boys must raise their game to beat their pedigree chum. Sets the benchmark for the pack to follow.  
Professor is completely baffled in the early hands, down to 8 chips after 8 minutes after underestimating Fingers power. What a comeback, no time to waste he comes out fighting all-in. Nearly wins it. Shows emotional weakness when one on one with 'er indoors (is he a girl thingy or a tiger). Close but no cigar.  
Ishmael manages to stay longer than two hands but is still a mystery man. Seems to grasp the concepts but his swerve is more doughball than curveball. Gets completely off his head mid-game and goes all in half naked! Tits out? More tits up. Left to rue another defeat.  
Dealer looks strong early on. Cruel exit from the game on a straight draw with Ishamel on the river card. Never recovers, has this left a long term mental scar on his game. Play of the night as he deals out the strong stuff to a winning Fingers, scrambling his brain!  
Fingers gets KQ, KK and AK in the first three hands and looks odd-on to walk away with it. Temptation gets the better of him as strong lager takes over. Has the opportunity to dispatch the Professor early but leaves him in at his peril, ghost comes back to haunt him. Final humilation of swallowing paper pages as well as his pride.  
The Fox starts aggressively and bluffs her way to an early exit. Suffregette city as the Fox and DOG press on for a Fingers paper chase. Shows a worrying liking for Brother Beyond music. Ladies night. Out early but 'I would rather play poker than go clubbing.'  
By Fingers on Saturday, April 06, 2002 - 12:22 pm:  
By dealer on Saturday, April 06, 2002 - 05:28 pm:  
Good win for the Dog. A top breed performance.  
The Swerve was lucky on the river to halt my chances of making it two in a row. Adam belly dancing has certainly left me with several mental scares. More so than his spawny luck!  
By ishamel swerve on Monday, April 08, 2002 - 11:19 am:  
Spawny, my arse. Quality play there...and some excellent belly dancing...proof that poker CAN be an erotic experience!  
So its big respect to DOG for making sure I crossed Riverside Rd without being knocked down and for winning all the money. Also respect to Fingers for hosting.  
Biggest respect though goes to the taxi driver for bringing my phone home when I called the firm on Saturday evening!!! A fiver reward and he couldnt of been happier!  



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