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22.03.02 Finger wins battle - Wino wins the war (Read 1186 times)
Five Fingers
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22.03.02 Finger wins battle - Wino wins the war
May 14th, 2003, 9:18am
The Results from 22.03.02 were:  
Winner Fingers (Ot)  
2nd Grinder (Ian)  
3rd Professor (Ben)  
4th Wino (Paul)  
Last Sausage Roll (Jamesie)  
Prize fund: 5 / each - Buy back in allowed in first 60 mins - 3 out - therefore total first prize 40.00  
Game Length: 3 hours 00 mins (9.00pm to 12.00pm)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 60 mins..  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Chips: 30 ten pence / 10 twenty pence (blue)  
Venue: Crees Casino  
Album of night: Fun Loving Criminals  
The night is full of tension and controversy. A buy back in rule is introduced allowing anyone who goes out in the first 60 mins to buy another set of chips. This changes the game completely and introduces a 'ghost' factor. Those who went out early can still win the money but not ranking points. It is clear that early on people are more aggressive with their gambling. Grinder not pleased with this lifesaver.  
Jamesie dishes up about 400 sausage rolls (respect) and makes the night by bringing out his gran's green beize card table.  
Professor plays aggressive, fool hardy cards backed up with about half a pint of whiskey in the first hour. Tries to bust in first 60 mins but with 3 minutes to go everyone folds to his hand. Tormented, again he tries to bust and this time the table lets him. No better with his new chips as the whiskey wacks him... out again within 20 minutes. Quote of the night as the Professor stood down 'You're wankers, wankers, you're all wankers'.  
Grinder is not a happy man. Fingers has taken to grinding, the buy back in rule has put him at a disadvantage and his cards stink. Not a ghost buster, he loses out to Fingers who clears up the dead chips. Who you gonna call?! Not Grinder! Falls asleep on the sofa before the nights out... Appears well up for teaching the London posse a lesson in losing.  
Sausage Roll is a virgin, never played before. Makes some errors in hand values in first 20 mins and busts out (maybe we should have explaied hold-em in more than five minutes!). Buys back in but again busts out. Plays every hand and is a 'loose' player. Looks thoroughly bored once out but consoles himself with giving Benny more whiskey and trying to kill him.  
Wino busts out early but takes full advantage of the buy back in rule. On the wagon tonight, he's more R Whites than Wino but his game is more measured with the normal element of lunacy. Wins the war (and the money) by being last man standing. Not willing to be bullied he calls any 'all-in' bids without hesitation. Is Wino now a threat? Bring back the wine!  
Fingers wins the battle but loses the war. An element of grinding has improved Fingers game. However in the short game (one on one) his limitations were cruelly exposed. The big antes got to him in the head and he bet every hand all-in. Saved on the river card twice (where DID that flush come from!) he plays one too many hands. Bluff and bluster busted Fingers. Wins ranking glory, loses the pot (plot).  
By prof on Saturday, March 23, 2002 - 04:31 pm:  
Apologies if I called you all wankers i dont recall that comment. The buy back experiment cost me a win so I agrre that this rule be scrapped when your out your out!!!  
There will be nine seats available for the Good Friday game Prof, Grinder, Wino, Fingers?, Yellow Flag, Candyman, Ishmael Swerve?, Dealer?...If fingers unavailable DOG will come off the bench.  
I will be conducting a draw for seat position so pleases confim your availability if you have a ? by your name.  
ben @gardnerb.fsbusiness.co.uk
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