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08.03.02 Professor kicks the DOG (Read 1156 times)
Five Fingers
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08.03.02 Professor kicks the DOG
May 14th, 2003, 9:16am
The Results from 08.03.02 were:  
Winner The Professor (Ben)  
2nd D.O.G. (Daughter of Grinder - Carol)  
3rd Grinder (Ian)  
4th The Wino (Paul)  
5th The Anaconder (Anna)  
6th= Fingers(Ot)  
6th= The F.All Guy (Ridley)  
Last The Mentalist (Nats)  
Prize fund: 5 / each - Total first prize 40.00  
Half prize fund going to Diabetes Charity  
Game Length: 3 hours 30 mins (9.00pm to 12.30am)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 60 mins.. then after every 30 mins.  
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
Grinder has laminated cards with the order of hands on... respect.. and NERD! These are now in the poker pack for every game.  
Anna gets Thomas to sleep and flops a flush on her first ever hand to blow Fingers away. Plays like the true Wife of Grinder (W.O.G.?!.. cant have that!) and records a respectable fifth. Likes playing, dislikes watching! The Anaconda.  
Grinder stays to form and grinds.. and grinds.. but eventually the dough dries up and there's no axe left to grind. Revelation mid-game that he too had bought a book on Texas Hold Em (thanks Anna) to improve skills, makes Fingers feel less of a saddo! Based on his game though it must have been called 'How to Grind and Win'. Talks continuously about 'probability', in danger of becoming a professor!  
The Mentalist immediately spills her drink on the table to announce intentions.. mental! Crashes out first after the rest of table manage to keep their cool under these intimidatory tactics. Again, an uneasy alliance with the DOG appears to unfold ...  
D.O.G. is once again a major threat and is determined to bury the bone of contention, that a woman can never win a game ('I'll burn my cards' - Fingers). Difficult to read, aggressive gambler at times, her days of being walked are over. Arrived looking like cold turkey, lines up a gin and tonic, a wine and a beer... respect.  
Wino gets his dates wrong and has to rush to arrive at all, an hour late. Professor shows great restraint and manages not to get piss drunk in the interim! No wine tonight for the Wino, he looks determined to perform well (and has to drive of course). As always starts strong and then continues to exocet himself out of the game! Is there a more consistant player on the circuit.. unlikely! Truly he is 'the exocet' when sober!  
Professor plays a classic game. Cautious play, previously unseen from the hairy one, he manages to keep his head down for about an hour whilst those around him scramble for the small blinds. Then the counting began, he cleaned up the chips from the stragglers and then continued to teach the table how to play as the 'chip bully'. Bundles the remainder out of the game. No grumbling, just rumbling tonight from the Prof.  
Ridley guests and immediately displays a talent for kamikaze poker. This nuts or bust strategy works well for half an hour as he plays nearly every hand, announcing consistantly on every hand.. 'I've got crappity smack all'. This trend continued until he had crappity smack all chips! He is the F.All Guy. Uses shock tactics as the game starts, as he announces to a ruffled table that his little daughter is 'good in bed' (explained as good at getting to sleep). A loose cannon at the table!  
Fingers considers burning his books. After three books and a considerable amount of online poker over the past month it all comes to nowt. He is bundled out of the game early with the F.All Guy. He bets all on a pair of bullets (AA) only to be shot down by the DOG with three deuces (222) on the flop! Drinks Gin and Tonic all night to stay on diet, truly a ruinous drink, lost more than weight that night.  
A marathon of a game with much more cautious (astute?) play than normal.  
The London girl thingy (posse) are in for a rough night.  
The Professor was never in trouble and played the best game so far. The rest of the Poker Jokers surely need to raise the stakes next time. The DOG must surely be second favourite.  
Thanks to Anna (and Ian) for hospitality, my diet is in tatters this morning.. and to Thomas for not waking up.. he must sleep for England with all the noise going on!  
By Prof on Saturday, March 09, 2002 - 12:58 pm:  
It was fortunate that the large volume of lager consumed waiting for Exocet was only 2.8% alcohol otherwise exocets tactics could have worked...good game and the London mob will have to be on top form to live wiyh the kind of form shown last night.  
By Prof on Saturday, March 09, 2002 - 01:04 pm:  
Also I liked the quote from the taxi driver "I had a fight with Herbie Hide in Ricks Place.... he doesnt hit that hard!!""  
and from Exocet  
"Baaaaarggh...what you doing Grinder?"
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