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08.02.02 The Hustler eyes the joker pies (Read 1162 times)
Five Fingers
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08.02.02 The Hustler eyes the joker pies
May 14th, 2003, 9:14am
The Results from 08.02.02 were:  
Winner The Hustler (Pieman)  
R/Up The Grinder (Ian)  
3rd D.O.G. (Daughter of Grinder - Carol)  
4th The Mentalist (Nats)  
5th The Wino (Paul)  
Last Fingers(Ot)  
Last The Professor (Ben)  
Prize fund: 5 / each - Total first prize 35.00  
Game Length: 3 hours (9.00pm to 12.00am)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes doubling every 2 rounds. On final two, antes double every 10 minutes. No limit.  
Hosted at the Granger Casino (Little Plumstead) in the 'poker room'.  
Guest invited: Pieman  
New system of chips introduced using yellow and white for one (10p), red for 2 (20p) and blues for 4 (40p).  
The Wino plays astutely as ever initially. Armed with his own bar he has two bottles of rouge on the go at one point, a bottle of whisky and a deadly juice named Limoncet (!). Exocets himself out of contention! Who knows what potential is drowned in drink?!  
The Professor counted out in 3 hands. Wants to play another game immediately. Concentrates on emptying Wino's bar and using the words 'hurry up I want to play again' over and over.  
Fingers arrives sober (designated driver) and plays like a man with no pint. Beaten and dealing within 3 hands. Crest fallen to find out that beer was no excuse for being shite.  
Grinder in inspired form. Grinding tactics ruffle opponents feathers and looks hot favourite to win. Takes a whiskey on every big decision.. runs out runner up and is delighted, in true British style!  
Guest is Pieman. A new kind of player. Plays a dirty game. Talks down chances, bitches on rules, wins loudly, loses badly. Always willing to take an eyeful if on view. The Hustler wins pot and respect for ruthless streak.  
The Mentalist has moments of genius but continues to scare with spilt drinks and dropped cards. Intimidation through mentalation. Respectable 4th and darn good hosting (thanks Nats!.. don't let Wino sleep all day!).  
D.O.G. is D.aughter O.f G.rinder. Matures into a player of substance. Shows great understanding of game, correcting dealer (sober) mistakes and grinding astutely. Makes Daddy Grinder proud. Reaches podium... one for the future!  
Neither finalist happy with doubling antes every 10 minutes (reaching 64 and 128). Rule agreed at start though. STRICTLY no changing of rules mid-game...  
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