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08.02.02 Ghosts buried as Grinder walks the D.O.G. (Read 1239 times)
Five Fingers
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08.02.02 Ghosts buried as Grinder walks the D.O.G.
May 14th, 2003, 9:13am
The Results from 08.02.02 were:  
Winner The Grinder (Ian)  
2nd D.O.G. (Daughter of Grinder - Carol)  
3rd The Wino (Paul)  
4th Fingers (Ot)  
Last The Professor (Ben)  
Last The Mentalist (Nats)  
Prize fund: 1 / each - Total first prize 6.00  
Game Length: 1 hour 30 mins (12.30am to 2.00am)  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 1.00am.  
Starting ante: 8 and 16 Maximum ante: 16 and 32  
A classic follows form of first game. Results almost identical.  
The Wino and Professor want to play another 3 hour 5.00 showdown. Compromise throws up mini-game to win back stake.  
Fingers decides to play after considering becoming dealer. Confidence in tatters and soon proves that first game no fluke, crashes and burns in 3 hands! SOMEONE GIVE ME A BEER!!  
Grinder shows true grit and plays with unseen confidence (whiskey anyone?!). As shocked at anyone to run out winner. Win celebrated by a loud scream (girly?) and a double air punch. Oooh... the nearly man tag must have hurt...! Grinder is now in the league of champions and has buried his ghost.  
The Mentalist has a quiet game but stays the course. Confident in play and L plates are gone. Looks to be forming an alliance with D.O.G., lots of whispering... GIRL POWER?  
D.O.G. grinds and growls around the table. Finished whiskey and becomes over confident, the bark suddenly being worse than the bite. Announces that she is 'now equal to anyone below her' and is brimming with confidence... D.O.G. is a contender and is aiming to notch one up for the girls (I'll burn my cards if a bird wins!).  
Wino plays himself out of the game again.. Breaks open all the best booze in a rush of blood to the head. Value of drinks cabinet plummets as Poker Jokers put up no resistance.  
Poor old Professor is a troubled soul. Early exit and prolonged drinking time takes toll and 'all in' gamble results in 3 hand exit.. again! 5 hours play.. 6 hands of poker! Final hour is incoherent grumbling with the words 'play again' occasionally being made out.  
A real classic again proving that the stake isn't important... it's the glory! No way I'm driving next time... my mind needs fuel!  
By D.O.G. on Sunday, February 10, 2002 - 12:36 am:  
V. good reporting.....like a professional .  
Pity about your play  
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