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28.12.01 Smokin Benny wins - Grinder ground out (Read 1241 times)
Five Fingers
Ex Member

28.12.01 Smokin Benny wins - Grinder ground out
May 14th, 2003, 9:08am

Grainge and Blackburn have this Friday free for a game...are you about OT?  
By Fingers on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 11:36 am:  
NO! blooming typical!!! gutted... going to cornwall at 6am Sat!  
and I was looking forward to giving you all a good fleecing! (over confidence will be my doom!)  
fix a date in January even if you have the do tonight when they are free...  
By smokin on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 01:01 am:  
i won...  
4th Carol  
3rd Grainger  
2nd Blackburn girl thingy Grinder...retired with headache played on by Grainger  
1st Smopkij Gardmer 20  
its round ots next Friday be there or we trash the joint  
the email was returned it had too many horrible viruses attaches... itn was video  
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