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Friendly - 10.05.03 Professor punishes his pupils (Read 3606 times)
Five Fingers
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Friendly - 10.05.03 Professor punishes his pupils
May 12th, 2003, 7:30am
1. Professor
2. Five Fingers
3. Real Deal
4. DOG
5. Lex Luthor
Stake: 5.00 entry fee
Antes: Every 40 mins
Venue: The Chateau
OK, I am pretty sure this was the result but i have my friend Carling Black Label to thank for the lack of detail on proceedings.  My shady memory is playing a couple of crazy straight draw hands after the flop and undoing all my grinding in a matter of seconds!  I seem to remember the Professor was invincible on the night, calling any bluff and having the cards to dispatch any aspiring pupil.  The DOG came up short in her effort to make in three in a row.  The Real Deal was confident as ever but soon dealing for his dinner.  Lex Luthor was designated driver and suffered not only an early exit but the painful experience of listening to the 5.00pm starters ramblings.  Thanks for the lift to and from home Prof and Lex, that was like winning my stake back in saved taxi fares... sweet.
Bring on the ranking game...
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