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Friendly - 27.04.03 101 club (dead zone) (Read 1414 times)
Five Fingers
Ex Member

Friendly - 27.04.03 101 club (dead zone)
Apr 27th, 2003, 2:30pm
It's 3.00am and the Real Deal, Professor and Five Fingers are not ready to end the poker session.
The 101 club is formed (Professor had wittled his bankroll down to £1.01 before the start).

The black chips are debuted for exclusive use in this dead zone.
Five Card Stud
Limit five card stud results in some careful betting. †
The Poker Jokers are used to no limit and any raise that doesn't endanger the entire stack is dismissed as an opportunity! †Three of a kind is the highest hand †to hit the board in 90 minutes.
The limit is removed and the game is over within five minutes, with a victorious Real Deal our first 101 club winner. †
The time is 4.30am... the dead zone.
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