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Friendly - 27.04.03 Fingers deadly at dawn (Read 1424 times)
Five Fingers
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Friendly - 27.04.03 Fingers deadly at dawn
Apr 27th, 2003, 2:21pm
1st  Five Fingers (Ot)  
2nd Professor (Ben)
3rd DOG (Carol)
4th Real Deal (Dan)
Prize fund: 3.00 each - total first prize 12.00    
Game Length: 01.00pm - 03.00pm  2 hours 00 mins    
Rules: Texas Hold'em - 60 mins - antes double 30 mins    
Venue: Chateau Gardner
The Iraqi cards are debuted.
A second game on the night sees Five Fingers win his bankroll and taxi fare home yet again.  Is Fingers becoming a small stage player?  Plays more aggressive, not afraid to bluff and riding his luck.  
The Real Deal is out early, chasing an early chip loss with some loose play.  Assumes dealing duties!
The DOG is victim of a lucky Fingers bad beat.  After folding a big hand to Fingers, bluffing with A4, the DOG is in no mood to lie down on command.  She calls in the face of a complete representation by Fingers and has two pairs until Fingers makes three knaves on the river.  
Two players exit before the first antes are doubled.  Fingers has 75% of the chips and no need to rush to rash decisions.  The Professor tries to double up with an all in play.  Fingers doesn't have much but calls and wins in the early hours.
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