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Friendly - 25.04.03 Real Deal a stone cold snowman (Read 1257 times)
Five Fingers
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Friendly - 25.04.03 Real Deal a stone cold snowman
Apr 27th, 2003, 1:10pm
1st  Real Deal (Dan)  
2nd Professor (Ben)
3rd DOG (Carol)
4th Sugarbabe (Gronyaar)
5th Five Fingers (Ot)
6th Candyman (Alex)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £30.00    
Game Length: 21.00pm - 00.30pm  3 hours 30 mins    
Rules: Texas Hold'em - 60 mins - antes double 30 mins    
Venue: Real Deal Horseshoe
The Candyman has had too much sugar and his chips are shared out with energy and joy.  Must have lasted about 20 minutes, making the world taste good for everyone.
Five Fingers has a plan, play it tight and hang around until the final three, then come out like a freaking madman!  Someone forgot to tell the rest of the table and his clearly cautious play and shrinking stack force him to gamble all on a flush draw.  Rubbish.
The Sugarbabe is playing only her third game of poker and wins some nice pots but no prizes.  Definately one for the future.  'I never expect to win'.  Nice things come to those who wait.
The little DOG is not on her best form, playing it softly like the andrex puppy.  Unfortunately the table know there's sharp teeth behind that sweet smile and won't be suckered.  Wittled down and ultimately deprived of her scooby snacks.
The heads up finale is between the Professor and the Real Deal, starting with virtually even stacks.  The end is swift as our two achohol fuelled firebrands battle it out.  The final hand is fitting of another quality good humoured game.
83 Real Deal
K3 Professor
Face up: 8833A
The Real Deal slow plays and checks to the river.  The Professor does not hesitate and can't get all his chips in quick enough.  The Real Deal calls faster!
Never in trouble all night.  The full house duel just proves the Horseshoe really is lucky for the Real Deal.  
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