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Friendly - 21.02.03 Real Deal steal (Read 2610 times)
Five Fingers
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Friendly - 21.02.03 Real Deal steal
Feb 22nd, 2003, 2:02pm
Can someone else write this one up?  I can't remember much before the final stages...
I remember the Real Deal and Five Fingers having a lengthy duel in the one to one, with the Real Deal winning in a 50 50 flop.  I also recall the Professor being outraged (again!) after Five Fingers took over dealing mid hand to see if he'd won a hand!
I seem to recall my nickname on the night was the 'Poker Baffoon'.  Respect!
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Re: Friendly - 21.02.03 Real Deal steal
Reply #1 - Feb 23rd, 2003, 12:23pm
1st  Real Deal (Dan)  
2nd Five Fingers (Ot)  
3rd Candyman (Alex)
4th Fox (Sarah)  
5th DOG (Carol)  
6th Professor (Ben)  
Prize fund: 2.50 each - total first prize 15.00      
Game Length: 11.15pm - 1.00am  2 hours 45 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins      
Venue: Fingers Card Shack  
As the only sober man present it is right that it should fall to me to remember what happened...
I can't recall the standard of the cards played as the Professor's outbursts overshadowed the whole game. After playing so well in the first match, only to have the pot stolen from him at the end, the Prof was well up for the second match-up. Straight away he comes up with a new rule proposal that will doubtless have to be voted on at the next ranking game - all players have to drink at least 4 pints by the 2nd doubling of the ante (still bitter at the sweet but sober lesson he's just been given by the Candyman)...
Imagine his horror therefore when, 4th hand in, he's involved in a double all-in against his own wife before a flop has even been laid. The cards are turned and his pair of Jacks were always trailing the DOGs AA bullets.  
A shocked Prof takes over the dealing duties, still muttering obcenities about the missus under his breath. Meanwhile the DOGs game never recovers from the guilt and she is taken out by a standing Fox and a nearly-standing Fingers. Its as this hand is being played out that all hell breaks loose.
The Professor (mistakenly I may add!) thinks he overhears Fingers & the Fox colluding over how to ditch the DOG. Leaping to his wifes defence he cries foul like only he can. The alchohol fuelled rant shows no sign of ending so Fingers reaches over and, ignoring the sovereignty held by the dealer over the middle of the table, the cards and the chips - lays the river himself and then distributes the winnings accordingly...OH MY GOSH....the Professor goes ballistic - the WORST breach of poker etiquette ever seen...there is talk of never playing again - Exocet and Boy Plunger nearly received midnight phone calls so that an immediate vote could be taken to oust Fingers as a Joker King...you could hear the neighbours praying for the safety of all those in the Fingers Card Shack.
When the game got going again it was with a new dealer! The Fox, after tasting victory in 2 big earlier hands, gets carried away and is taken out...
Another player soon follows, with the Real Deal taking revenge for the earlier game by dishing out defeat to a far too sober Candyman.
The one-on one was noteworthy really for the return of the Professor as the dealer (He was also calling for a third game which sadly didn't happen). Having calmed down he took his ultimate revenge by deaing his brother cards good enough to take out Fingers in his own shack.  
Congrats to the Deal - who played good cards all night and deserved a victory and thanks to Fingers and the Waitress for hosting...
Biggest shout of the night has to go out to the new table - definitely raised the standard of the play and was a pleasure to sit at...
Finally a quick mention to the suggested 24 hour poker session suggested for Comic Relief with a % of the winnings being given to the charity - in addition to any sponsership we can raise...  
I for one am in....
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Five Fingers
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Re: Friendly - 21.02.03 Real Deal steal
Reply #2 - Feb 23rd, 2003, 1:19pm
i am in too... when is Comic Relief?!  I have never taken any interest before but with the impending poker marathon, my charitable juices are flowing...
i seem to recall a suggestion that the next poker game be an afternoon session... i am up for this too...
in my defence in the dealing fiasco, i did have the 'nuts' and could not wait any longer to claim my gold!
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Re: Friendly - 21.02.03 Real Deal steal
Reply #3 - Feb 25th, 2003, 6:53pm
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