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Ranking 2 - 27.12.02 Christmas Candyfest (Read 1126 times)
Five Fingers
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Ranking 2 - 27.12.02 Christmas Candyfest
Feb 19th, 2003, 3:59pm
1st  Candyman (Alex)
2nd Grinder (Ian
3rd Professor    
4th Exocet (Paul)  
5th. DOG (Carol)
6th. The Mentalist (Nats)    
7th The Fox (Sarah)  
8th  Pieman (Adam)
9th The Real Deal (Dan)    
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £45.00      
Game Length: 8.15pm - 12.00pm 3 hour 45 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins      
Venue: Excocets Emporium  

The Christmas Ranking game is a classic with some high quality cards being played and some high quantity alcohol being drunk....any mistakes in this report can be put down to the bottle of Speyside that was started so it was finished.
Candyman had an up and down night but managed to walk away with the spoils after some serious pressure from the Jokers. After being down to his shirt and not much else the Candyman managed to dominate the final stages and dump all 3 Poker Jokers present in quick succession.
Grinding was forgotten for most of the night as Boy Plunger took several early hands with some unusually daring poker. He tried to hide his huge early chip lead behind a Monsters Inc christmas card...once it was ejected from the table his play was never as confident - it all went pear shaped when he took on the Candyman when he was on one of his numerous all-ins and was hurt bad with a sweetly timed Full house - Aces over kings...he never recovered and reverted to Grinding tactics to secure his second place...
The Professor can feel slightly cheated at his 3rd place as he played almost immaculate cards all evening....after 3 sessions he was well ahead and he only started leaking chips in the later stages... More considered than is normal, it6 was only after being pressured into a big one-on-one with the Candy that he had his chip lead dimished. It was the beginning of the end and he was soon standing and then out...
The Excocet was relatively quiet in his own manor...looking very strong going into the last four he lived up to his name and self destructed in spectacular style....like a candle burned at both ends...he shone more brightly but didn't last as long as he could have...
It should be noted that with only 4 players left, and with the non-Joker Candyman left with almost no chips at the time, the Poker Jokers decided to hold a Board meeting. On a unanimous vote (Fingers was not present) it was decided that tonites game should be double bubble...all points awarded should be doubled as a Jokers Christmas bonus. It was also decided that a Joker Politburo be set up that included Professor, Excocet & Grinder...their first decision was that Fingers be put up for re-election as a Joker - the basis for this was that he had shamed the Poker Joker name by being the only one of them to be 'pointless' at the end of 2002...  
The Fox ended up in 5th place...after a big win against the Pieman she got over confident and was soon out of chips...there was no co-incidence in the fact that her poker playing got worse as the bottle of wine she had in her hand got emptier...
The Mentalist played some very canny cards and found herself in quite a strong position... then suddenly she decided that she had had enough...playing all-in on a nothing hand she was not surprisingly taken out...she's mental!!!
The DOG suffered from a string a bad cards...only managing to eeek out a single win before frustration took is course and she went all-in on a average hand...she'll be back better than this and we all know it...
Pieman seemed very confident in the run-in to the game, with the DOG for one admitting to being psyched by his strong vocal game...unfortunately for him, his cards didn't match his bluster and he was taken out by Foxe's bullets AA
The Real Deal never showed up...tonight he was just the Dealer and lived up to his name by going out first and so taking on the duties of the dealer...Trying it on early doors he was shot down by the rampaging Grinder.
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