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Ranking 1 - 29.11.02 Real Deal late but great (Read 1227 times)
Five Fingers
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Ranking 1 - 29.11.02 Real Deal late but great
Feb 19th, 2003, 3:58pm
The results from 29.11.02 were:    

1st  Real Deal (Dan)    
2nd Exocet (Paul)  
3rd. DOG (Carol)  
4th. Professor (Ben)  
5th. Five Fingers (Ot)    
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £25.00    
Game Length: 10.00pm - 11.30pm 1 hour 30 mins    
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 40 mins      
Venue: Chateau Gardner
The first ranking game of the season is hit by low attendence and cancellations, the new rules allowing players to miss three games a year being used to the full.
The game is hardcore with each contestant a past winner and the Team Gardner (DOG and Professor) ready to destroy.
The Real Deal arrives at 10.00pm and the game is definately late night poker.  Announces his arrival with a call for 'chaos poker' to return.
The first hours play is cautious and canny, with small exchanges and everyone retaining their chip stacks.  However, with the antes doubling the nature of the battle moves up a gear and aggressive betting is the name of the game.
Fingers is first out, totally flipping out over a pair of Knaves, he tries to steal the blinds going all in.  The men fold, the DOG is super cold and calls.  She looks dead in the water with unsuited A8 after the flop.

The lucky DOG is blessed and pulls two 8's to send Fingers back to the poker graveyard, muttering and stuttering all the way to insanity.  Fingers is in a bad, bad, bad bad bad, bad .... bad run of form.  Cracks up and turns into a chicken...

Next to suffer at the paws of the DOG is the Professor, who seems well oiled with the ambar nectar.  Again, the DOG is rescued by a river card.  She is invincible, making her own luck and breaking her husbands heart.

Its a three way showdown, with one point for third, three for second and seven big ones for the winner.
The DOG is chip leader but seems disturbed by talk of 'women out of poker' movement and the men vocally conceding victory well before the game has played out.
The DOG is a victim of the hype, going all in against a Real Deal in a fine vein of form, no dealing for him tonight.  Sit, lie down, fetch... the Real Deal has her doing tricks all night.

The taming of the DOG has given Real Deal a large chip advantage and the Exocet is reminising of the famous BIG ONE comeback.  The dream turns into a nightmare and he is hussled from the table in a matter of five hands.  

Team Gardner is in tatters.  
The Real Deal.... late but great...
'Chaos Poker!'
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