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Scoring and status... (Read 1217 times)
Five Fingers
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Scoring and status...
Feb 19th, 2003, 3:55pm
Maximum table size: 11 persons
The host has the freedom to fill up any vacant spaces.
The league format for season 2003 is:
One game per month. A total of 12 games per year.
Points awarded:
7 points - Winner
3 points - 2nd place
1 points - 3rd place
No points awarded to anyone outside the top three.
Out of the 12 ranking game opportunities, players should take their best 9 scores and discard three weakest.  
That way at the end of the league we are much more likely to have had everyone play the same number of scoring games as people now have the opportunity to miss three matches (dates can be difficult sometimes).  
Therefore maximum score is 70 e.g. 9 wins.  
Poker Joker: Royal
Any player to win three ranking games in a season.
Poker Joker: Diamond
Any player to win a single ranking game in a season.
Poker Joker: Joker
Joker status awarded to anyone who plays four ranking games a season.
These awards will be made immediately and last the duration of the next season (12 months).
The four founding members retain lifetime Poker Joker King status.
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