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Message started by The Poker Pirate on Feb 22nd, 2004, 2:05am

Title: Friendly 07.02.04 Farrahs Initiation Match
Post by The Poker Pirate on Feb 22nd, 2004, 2:05am

Anyone know what happened at Farras first game. (congratulations FF and Sammy). I remember several players leaving the table - were they just out played on the night by the pirate and 5 fingers. Seem to recall a Fh of Bullets on snowmen at some stage, but that is all. fairly apt with the snow falling.

Guess am getting the hang of the map now. however the vet knows it better and takes any treasure b4 the pirate!

Title: 07.02.04 Farrahs Initiation Match
Post by Five Fingers on Feb 22nd, 2004, 9:48am

i remember what happened. not for the first time the table rounded on Five Fingers.

The Real Deal was out first and took to his usual task of dealing cards for other people with gusto.  he certainly gets the practice lately. if only he'd adopt a skimpy bikini he'd be the perfect croupier.

Five Fingers played as loose as sloppy elastic and wittled his chip stack down to 10.

The Professor takes some big pots and some even bigger shots of port, whisky and whatever other stress relief he can muster. oh the life of the expectant daddy, i remember it well.  This results in the Professor dealing out some verbal punishment. Completely caned, he starts barracking a clearly desimated Fingers chip stack. No need!

Fingers can take no more and announces that he is coming for all the 'talkers' and will not succumb until he sees them lifeless on the poker battlefield.  A new sense of urgency and concentration takes hold.

The Boy Plunger had already succumbed to the Full House cut throat Pirate attack, losing with a Flush if i remember. nice. he then announced that he wasnt going to go home just yet as he wanted to 'watch Fingers' lose.  Outrageous.

The Yellow Flag is not waving. In fact his flag is burnt to ashes in no time at all by the battle hardened poker jokers.

Meanwhile the expecting Dog is playing sober strategy and is conspicuous by her silence as she builds up a nice chip stack.

The usual wild sword slashing by the Pirate sees his chip stack keep his ship afloat by the shortest thread of indecency. He sees his treasure chest fluctuate wildly between chip leader and chip bleeder.

The Black Cat succumbs after a quiet night on the tiles.  Took down a couple of pots but all in all was more prowler than growler. Chips slowly wittled down through the night, caught cat napping.

At this time even the dealer, the Real Deal, is openly baying for Fingers blood.

Meanwhile Five Fingers has played tight and tough and has turned 10 chips into 33% of the pot when he tames the Dog, leaving her sitting in a sea of what might of been.  A sober Dog is a worthy scalp indeed.  

The table is shellshocked and in the words of many a poet they weren't 'singing any more'.

An uneasy hush descends on the table as all the vultures, their wings clipped in a Fingers vice, fly away to come back another day.

A victorious Fingers then loses all his chips heads up in a 5 minute exchange of hostilities with the true winner on the night, the Poker Pirate.

The Poker Pirate sailed softly at times, took on water in the mid-game, but ultimately had too much cannon for the other players.  Lets see if the Poker Pirate has any more ammunition left at the ranking game...

Title: Re: Friendly 07.02.04 Farrahs Initiation Match
Post by The Professor on Feb 24th, 2004, 6:33pm


Title: Re: Friendly 07.02.04 Farrahs Initiation Match
Post by Five Fingers on Feb 24th, 2004, 8:39pm

i thought it was all quiet operatic in its over the top drama...

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