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Message started by Five Fingers on Oct 7th, 2003, 12:52pm

Title: RANK GAME 1: 7.11.03 Pirate wonder plunder
Post by Five Fingers on Oct 7th, 2003, 12:52pm

1st Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
2nd Skywalker (Luke)
3rd Braveheart (Craig)
4th Boy Plunger (Ian)
5th The Fish (Gavin)
6th The Hustler (Adam)
7th Poker Shark (Pete)
8th Candyman (Alex)
9th Five Fingers (Ot)
10th Real Deal (Dan)
11th The Mouse (Suzy)

Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £55.00      
Game Length: 7.30pm - 10.35pm 3 hours 05 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em

Two tables (5 and a 6 person)

Tables merged at 9.30pm

Venue: Poker Joker Card Room

Table 1:

Qualifiers - Candyman, Poker Pirate, Poker Shark, Hustler, Skywalker
Out - The Mouse

Table 2:

Qualifiers - Braveheart, Boy Plunger, The Fish
Out - Five Fingers, Real Deal

The Poker Pirate wins his first ranking point, well six and a ranking win to put in his treasure chest. Turns up 10 minutes after play commences and has been anted away. Needing to steer his ship home, his rum antics are nowhere to be seen and a more ruthless, calculating, cold plunderer is in town. Still a raider. The Pirate is on the loose and the poker seas will never be safe again. The jolly roger stands for danger.

Skywalker plays strong cards all night.  The return of the jedi. His mind control powers only work on weak poker minds and in the heads up his form is only blighted by the fear of big antes.  After a winning debut, Skywalkers form had resembled bantha fodder and he is delighted with his highest ranking finish. Definately seen the lightsabre.

Braveheart makes a dramatic debut at the Poker Joker table. More timid tart than braveheart in the early stages, his fold and wait tactics do not appear to show a battlehardened poker player.  Its all a smokescreen as Braveheart goes all in on a diamond flush draw after the flop.

Called by Five Fingers with a made low straight and the Real Deal's three fives, it looks like Scotland the grave after fourth street brings no diamond flush.

The rivercard is a diamond and fortune really does favour the Braveheart with a treble up hand. Celebrates quietly by climbing the beams and simulating an adult act.  Respect.

Enters the final table chipleader. Places third as his guts and glory desert his ranks. Still an impressive outing for the Braveheart.

The Boy Plunger declares his intentions early by telling the table he is representing the Professor in his absence.  Three hands later he reacts to a big Fish raise by going all in 20 minutes into the game... unprecedented.  The Fish folds bullets in the hand and the Boy Plunger turns over King high.

The Plunger takes his impersonation further by trying to antagonise the Fish bowl and challenging them to a 'showdown'! Peace lads.

The Boy Plunger sadly reverted to type by sitting on his stack for the rest of the game and placing fourth. Close but no cigar... again.

The Fish puts his BIG ONE disaster to bed with some strong poker throughout the night.  On the end of a number of phsycological tactics for long periods, the Fish stayed calm throughout.  When faced with the infamous hand and being 'Plunged' into stormy seas, the Fish plays it safe and makes the final table.  Despite paddling upstream in the end, the Fish Bowl is back.

The Hustler makes the final table and is always a threat.  Unfortunately the hustle can only work so many times.  Not unknown to bluff, Hustler is called out too many times with bluff and bluster.  Not happy with his game, the Hustler remains a threat but is now on the end of a long run of under performance.  Time for some new stings?

The Poker Shark is finished after an evening of volatile hunting.  Must of been in the hot seat as he was jumping out of it enough.  All-in hot water in the end, the shark stops swimming and turns belly up.  Consistant, a final table player still trying to make the final leap to the winners rostram.

The Candyman is licked by some kamikaze style betting.  All in virtually from the first flop, the Candyman is saved again and again by river cards.  Makes the final table.  A sense of invincibilty starts to effect the Candyman.  Finally the Candyman is called, the myth of immortality is shattered and his lolly is licked.

Five Fingers plays cautious in the face of some low low cards.  Picks up a few winning hands but can't make them pay.  Finally his moment arrives with a made straight after the flop.  Diamonds do not fit Five Fingers as the Braveheart's river flush shatters his dreams.  On a dismal run of form.  As someone pointed out, Five Fingers has assumed the role of official photographer, always available to snap the final table.

The Real Deal, what a volcano of a poker player, erupting and dormant, depending on the poker day.  It's nuts or bust cards from the Deal.  Last place or first place, nothing in between.  Played his usual game of astute cards and strong gambling in the face of weakness.  Hung drawn and quartered by the flying Scotsman in the hand of the night.

The Mouse is at her second visit to the Poker Joker table after a cautious debut.  An exit early does not tell the whole story as she is trapped in an over flush river trap.  When flushes clash, someone loses cash.  Unlucky on the night, the Mouse will be back looking to be top cheese.

Great game tonight.  Thanks for coming everyone.

Wild celebrations, ridiculous rivallry, a new winner, a debut to remember and of course the usual sprinkling of strong lager.  

Bring on January!  Of course, a splatter of friendlies along the way will ease the wait!

Title: Re: RANKING GAME 1: Confirmed 7 November 2003
Post by bankie on Nov 8th, 2003, 9:14am

thanks for last night guys. i had such a good time. still can't believe i drew the nut flush on the river whilst facing a straight and trips fives. and apologies to the chap on my left for not noticing when i had a straight. i hate when that happens but alcohol had been consumed....

my performance on the final table left a lot to be desired. struggled from going to chip leader on my table to being third. folded too many hands where i should have seen the flop. but que sera. i wanted to get to the final table and got a ranking point as well so pretty cool.

loved playing with new players and real chips. see you all in january and maybe for a couple of friendlies in between.


Title: Re: RANK GAME 1: 7.11.03 Pirate wonder plunder
Post by The Fish on Nov 9th, 2003, 1:33am

Well I was happy to actually make it to the final table for once.  These ranking games haven't been good for me so far!

There was some fun play on the tables last night.  The Boy Plunger's all-in move was simply inspired, especially as I'd been trying to scare him off the hand early anyway!  Braveheart's attempt to ignore his straight failed when Plunger and Real Deal spotted it for him!  I lost a lot of chips on some unfortunate hands, but still managed to keep the stack quite healthy and headed up to the second table.

What appeared to be a reasonable stack soon disappeared with the huge blinds and the Pirate's super-aggressive play.  When faced with such a situation there was just one thing left to do - switch to being dealer!

Was a great night.  See you all soon!

Title: Re: RANK GAME 1: 7.11.03 Pirate wonder plunder
Post by Skywalker on Nov 9th, 2003, 1:37pm

3rd! I was 2nd dag-nammit!
Blue face paint and tartan skirts are no match for a jedi warrior.

Thanks everyone for a great night, and thankyou card gods for a few nice hands  ;D

Title: Re: RANK GAME 1: 7.11.03 Pirate wonder plunder
Post by Five Fingers on Nov 9th, 2003, 2:42pm

oops... the cameraman may have had more sherbets after an early exit than first anticipated!

Title: Re: RANK GAME 1: 7.11.03 Pirate wonder plunder
Post by The Real Deal on Nov 13th, 2003, 12:50pm

I'll give you 9th place Fingers, although you were first to show therefore first to go out.

Title: Re: RANK GAME 1: 7.11.03 Pirate wonder plunder
Post by The Real Deal on Nov 13th, 2003, 1:07pm

I think...  It's all a bit of a Stella Blurr.  :)

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