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Message started by Five Fingers on Oct 5th, 2003, 10:16pm

Title: BIG ONE 2003: Final Table - Black Cat Attack
Post by Five Fingers on Oct 5th, 2003, 10:16pm

Please could someone advise me of the seating order on the night...

The final results from 04.10.03 were: †

1st. Black Cat (Caroline) †
2nd. Candyman (Alex) †
3rd. Poker Shark (Pete) †
4th. Skywalker (Luke)
5th. Two Face (Ed)
6th. DOG (Carol)
7th. Exocet (Paul)
8th. Boy Plunger (Ian)
9th. The Kicker (Mieka)

Prize fund: £140.00 - winner takes all †

Tables merged after two hours of play.

Texas Hold'em - antes double 30 mins †

Starting ante: 8 and 16

Venue: The Poker Stable

The BIG ONE final never fails to meet expectations. †The 2003 line up is the largest group of qualifiers to date.

The Black Cat out legends 'one chip Exocet' by turning in the greatest winning comeback in Poker Joker history. Brings to the final table a miniture stack of 50 chips. †Within two hours the game is over and a mixture of astute play, good cards and just downright genius leaves the room shocked and awed.

The final hand is a classic. †The Candyman bets all in and is called by the Black Cat. †Neither player has particularly strong hole cards. †The Candyman has a 2, the Black Cat an 8. The cards play out.... K2882

The enormity of the final victory leaves the Cat...



and downright ALL CONQUERING...

The Black Cat wins with an over Full House and laps up the glory, the bracelet and the poker cash. A popular win leaves the women in poker ecstatic.

The men are still to win a bracelet.

I was not on this table the whole time, Candyman please can you write up report... sorry to be a pain mate.

Title: BIG ONE 2003: Final Table - Black Cat Magic
Post by Candyman on Oct 6th, 2003, 2:24pm

Outrageous lack of concentration from Fingers. I have to say that I thought that beginning a second game while the Big One was still in play showed immense disrespect to this annual event. On the other hand thanks for arranging everything Ottie it was a fine night!

The Kicker knew that she had to act quickly if she was to improve a very weak starting position. Going all-in immediately she came in short and was the first to leave the Final table. Getting there on her first game was no mean feat though, particularly when you look at the number of quality players who didnt.

The Boy Plunger was another who faced an almost impossible task on the final table, knowing that the first big blind would see him off. Going all-in on his first decent hand he didnt quite have what it takes and he became the third Joker to exit the Big One.

The last Joker soon followed with the Exocet not managing to match his heroic exploits of last year. He never played with his usual conviction on the Final table and when he did dip his toe in the water it was invariably bitten by a member of the Fishbowl. For the second year in a row though he was the last Poker Joker standing....

The reigning champion was looking odds-on to capture a matching braclet for her other arm (turning her into Wonder Woman no doubt). The chip leader from table 2, she immediately tried to stamp her authority on the Final table. It was probably the right move to make, it was just unfortunate that the cards suddenly stopped falling for her. Skywalker was the first to rattle her and she was finally taken out by the Candyman. A valiant title defence, she was almost back to her best and was probably as pleased by this years eventual result as she was by her own win the year before anyway.

Two Face played a good final table but the hands that he won never brought home enough chips to make a difference. It didnt stop him bullying the Candyman into folding 3 in a row when in a 1 on 1 situation. The raised blinds were too much for him in the end and he went out in fifth position.

It was Skywalker that was showing the force in the early stages of the Final table, racking up a good number of chips for himself. It didnt last though and when he did try to double-up by going all-in he found that all the remaining players called him on it. Unlike his earlier all-in where only the Dogs keen eyes and honesty stopped a much quicker exit - his straight draw never came in and he just missed out on a podium finish.

The Shark played very solid poker all night and was always a contender. Was maybe unfortunate that there seemed to be a general lack of betting when he happened to have a strong hand on the Final Table. In the end The Cat treated him more like a goldfish than a Shark and after playing with him for a while she went in for an easy kill.

As a strong chip leader going into the Final table, the Candyman had the opportunity to take the Big One by the scruff of its neck. Unfortunately he decided to sit back on his stack and let a few people be taken out by others. Barring his DOG take-out (maybe making so many Gardner enemies in one night was not such a good idea!!) he hardly played a hand until there were only four players left. This gave the others the opportunity to build up their own stacks and by the time he got involved his advantage was gone. I blame sobriety bringing an unhealthy carefulness to my game! With the blinds hitting new heights he lost 160 chips in just 3 hands and he hadnt even made a bet! Was never really in it during the head to head - 3rd last year, 2nd this time round... beware the Candyman in 2004!

The Black Cat entered the final table feeling like crap and with only a handful of chips. She left it with a bracelet, all the chips, a fistful of cash and feeling great. Solid play saw her steadily increase her chip stack in the early stages, inspired play saw her personally take out her final three opponents in the end game. Unsurprisingly it was the Cat that accounted for the last two Fishbowl players. This hefty meal gave her the chip lead going into the head 2 head and unfortunately for the Candyman she had left room for pudding. Strong play pushed the Candyman into calling an all-in and his Huey, Louie & Dewey were no match for the Black Cats 3 Snowmen.

Another fine Big One and another worthy winner. Needless to say Women In Poker has been in touch - I told her I was off to play golf...

Title: Re: BIG ONE 2003: Final Table - Black Cat Magic
Post by Candyman on Oct 6th, 2003, 2:30pm

Almost forgot

From the first dealer (me) I think the order was

Black Cat
Poker Shark
Two Face
Boy Plunger

Title: Re: BIG ONE 2003: Final Table - Black Cat Magic
Post by Five Fingers on Oct 6th, 2003, 3:19pm

Two Face claims he came 4th!

can someone confirm this outrageous protest...

you're righ Candy... next year i reckon no starting a game until the BIG ONE is over... mind you in my defense i was trying to win at least ONE hand all night.

as it was, two games of poker... not one take down. what a load of sh*t bollo*ks...

Title: Re: BIG ONE 2003: Final Table - Black Cat Magic
Post by The Fish on Oct 7th, 2003, 12:17am

In Five's defense, he was in a poker mood and he didn't get much chance at the primary table.  Why shouldn't he be allowed a side game?  Next year I think we should have a commitee - the game has grown beyond the means of just one man.  It's not fair to Ott and as we all know he'll have commitment next year.  Time for a rethink!?

Title: Re: BIG ONE 2003: Final Table - Black Cat Magic
Post by Candyman on Oct 7th, 2003, 11:31am

Ottie loves it and would never cope with a committee (technically it is a committee but the other 3 jokers take more of a drinking role in the proceedings)...his child will still get all the attention it needs - luckily Fingers only needs 35 minutes of sleep a week

Fair point Fish...I too probably would have got involved in the second game had I been brutally dumped out early in the Big One. It must be devastating to not win a single hand and have to wait a whole year to make amends!!!!

Ed was definitely fifth....unless somebody in the top 4 has since been disqualified - was the Cat tested for Betablockers? Did I win?

Title: Cheered in to the final table...
Post by Five Fingers on Oct 9th, 2003, 7:40am

as is tradition, each player to make the final table was announced and cheered into their seat...

i screwed up the timing on this a bit Jokers... apologies! i blame the ale and huge number of qualifiers!

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