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Message started by Five Fingers on May 14th, 2003, 9:35am

Title: 17.05.02 The DOGs Bollox
Post by Five Fingers on May 14th, 2003, 9:35am

The Results from 17.05.02 were:

1st. DOG (Carol)
2nd. Grinder (Ian)
3rd. Fingers (Ot)
4th. Houdini (Steve)
Last Professor (Ben)

Prize fund: 5 each - total first prize 25.00
Game Length: 3 hours 30 mins (8.30pm to 12.00am)
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double after 45 mins
Starting ante: 1 and 2 Maximum ante: 16 and 32
Venue: Chateau Gardner


Girls on top. She wins again! Thats four wins in five games...

The DOG's mother is an international bridge player... she didnt tell us that before we put our fivers in!

The DOG is the absolute bollox. Plays absolute classic poker all night, strong cards all through. Folds strong cards (to a Grinder flush), plays weaker hands to the maximum value... not a paw wrong all night. Watch and learn boys.

Grinder is still the grinder. He plundered, he blundered but still played a handful of hands all night. The bridesmaid again, his one on one play needs attention but with four valuable ranking points in the bag he seemed content. Calls the DOG a c**t in the final showdown... classy.

Fingers picks up three points by the skin of his teeth, going all in early with a pair of sevens, beating a Professor pair of sixes. Hangs on as long as he can with no hope of winning. The digital camera gives up the fight too...

Debutant Steve experiences all emotions as he wins big early, blows it all and time and time again comes back from nothing. Truly he was Stevie 'Houdini'... but great tricks and miracle escapes got the great magician killed in the end and Houdini is all in and all out.

Professor is a shadow of his former self. Loses big again. Is there any way back for our past champion? On this form not likely. Nice waistcoat, nice piano pencil tie, awful card playing. Luckily his missus keeps winning his stake back...

By Anonymous on Saturday, May 18, 2002 - 05:36 pm:

That cigar made me feel sick

By Fingers on Saturday, May 18, 2002 - 06:05 pm:

that fine cuban havana rolled on a lady's thigh... are you sure it wasn't your performance that made you sick?!

By Fingers on Friday, May 31, 2002 - 07:05 pm:

Houdini is more than amazed that his all in escape came off... again! He dances the magic jig to celebrate...

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