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Message started by Five Fingers on Apr 27th, 2003, 2:02pm

Title: Friendly - 26.04.03 Poker Pirate finds his fleet
Post by Five Fingers on Apr 27th, 2003, 2:02pm

1st  Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
2nd Real Deal (Dan)
3rd Professor (Ben)
4th Black Cat (Caroline)
5th DOG (Carol)
6th Five Fingers (Ot)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £30.00  
Game Length: 22.00pm - 00.15pm  2 hours 15 mins  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - 60 mins - antes double 35 mins    
Venue: Chateau Gardner

The Poker Pirate wins his first game at the Poker Jokers table, in an astonishing night of plundering.  

Builds his chips into a fleet of pirate ships to intimidate his victims.  Played virtually every hand, attack being the best form of defence.  

A deserving winner for audacity, villainous looting and pillage and sheer nerve. When counter attacks were launched, the Pirate always had the ammunition in his hand to put down any mutiny.

Five Fingers is first to walk the plank:

10 K Five Fingers R.I.P.
Q J Poker Pirate

Face up: 10 K 3

Five Fingers goes all in.  The Pirate incredibly calls. He draws an A on the river, making the straight (1 in 10 chance).  Five Fingers is shell shocked.  

Surely the bravest call (winning) in the history of the Poker Jokers.

A clearly subdued little DOG jumps ship shortly afterwards.  The Black Cat plays tight and wins some nice pots before another early bath. The Professor and Real Deal are short stacked and the Pirate docks his chips for a while to allow these old sea dogs to fight their own battle.  

The Poker Pirate steps in to relieve the Professor of his chips stack on yet another bad beat draw.  Invincible.

The Real Deal makes it to the heads up and starts aggressively, winning four or five hands in a row.  The Real Deal goes all in.  The Pirate doesn't like being plundered and calls with deuces.

AQ Real Deal
22 Poker Pirate

The flop, fourth street and the river card can't save the Real Deal and his Ace High hand is the final destructive act in an amazing night of cards and bad beats.

The Poker Pirate shows that a loose aggressive style of play can win and leaves the rest of the table sodden and sullen.  

Power poker from the Pirate earns new respect.  Of course, the Poker Jokers have a new winner and his cover is blown.  Bounty hunters a plenty will be looking to lock up the Poker Pirate early at the next ranking game...

Title: Re: Friendly - 26.04.03 Poker Pirate finds his fle
Post by Five Fingers on Apr 28th, 2003, 3:29pm

Message from the Professor:


Title: Re: Friendly - 26.04.03 Poker Pirate finds his fle
Post by The Poker Pirate on Apr 29th, 2003, 8:24am

At last. Some treaure for me to bury!!

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