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Message started by Five Fingers on Mar 9th, 2003, 4:16am

Title: Ranking 5 - 08.03.03 Real Deal twice nice
Post by Five Fingers on Mar 9th, 2003, 4:16am

1st Real Deal (Dan)
2nd Five Fingers (Ot)
3rd Boy Plunger (Ian)
4th DOG (Carol)
5th Professor (Ben)
6th Candyman (Alex)
7th Sugarbabe (Gronyaar)
Prize fund: £5.00 each - total first prize £35.00      
Game Length: 8.00pm - 10.30pm 2 hours 30 mins      
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes double 30 mins      
Venue: Candy Factory

The Candy Factory is the venue for a night of high tension, shattered nerves and cautious play.  The limited number of ranking events each year has raised the stakes.

The Sugarbabe starts well and has been reading up on the odds.  Looks good initially but is all out in the early stages.  Falls in behind the Women in Poker and cheers the DOG on, cheering out loud at a Fingers mauling.

The Candyman is hosting and the responsibility is too much for him.  Out in the early stages too.  Deals for the rest of the night and dishes out some of the worst flops seen in living memory.  Out to not one, but two deadmans hands (A8), total execution.

The Professor is playing professional poker.  Doesn't put a foot wrong all night and accumulates a healthy chips lead.  Quote of the night when observing Fingers is 'just as obnoxious sober'!  One crazy hand and the Professor is out.  All in on 7's is no way to get to heaven.

The DOG has had a long day and is dog-tired.  Loses in the early hands and never recovers from a short stack.  Doubles up three times all in.  Falls just short of the points. Plays strong poker in the face of a consensus against yet another DOG win.

The Boy Plunger is unmasked.  His poker name is the most famous stock market speculator in history, responsible for breaking the market in 1929.  Picks up a big hand early and grinds all night, all the way to defeat. He is the 'third man' yet again.  One point.  Does an impression of a Thunderbird puppet.

Fingers plays strong early and picks up some nice pots.  Over confidence leads to a crazy hand and his chip lead is history.  Never recovers but steers his way to second place and a fistful of three points.  In the DOG-house after pointing out to the table that another DOG win would put her out of sight in the league.

'The DOG must not win tonight'.

The Real Deal is never in danger, winning hands all night and playing aggressive poker.  Calling and raising his way to his second win of the season.  Takes his winnings to Yarmouth Casino and throws it all on blackjack.  Respect.  Unbeatable on this form.  A popular win to halt Fingers.  Thanks the poker gods.

On the night the poker was of the highest standard to date, with cards rarely being shown and virtually all the hands being '50 50' on the river.

Title: Re: Ranking 5 - 08.03.03 Real Deal twice nice
Post by Five Fingers on Mar 9th, 2003, 4:30am

thanks to the Candy family for such excellent hosting.  Hot dog refreshments always impress the Poker Jokers.

Title: Re: Ranking 5 - 08.03.03 Real Deal twice nice
Post by Candyman on Mar 9th, 2003, 10:47am

Cheers for all coming over last night - happy to host again any time...even if it is the unluckliest darn poker palace I know

Meet you in the Grosvenor for the next game - its time we got our hands on some Yarmouth money...friday night is Hold 'em night...

Title: Re: Ranking 5 - 08.03.03 Real Deal twice nice
Post by The_Real_Deal on Mar 9th, 2003, 1:13pm

Thank you Candyman for hosting. I really enjoyed it.

Nice to get another win under my belt.

Fingers yet again gave us a demonstration of his poker baffoonery in the early hands.

The 'Poker Primate' will have to evolve quickly if he plans to be successful this season. 7 months to go.

Title: Re: Ranking 5 - 08.03.03 Real Deal twice nice
Post by Five Fingers on Mar 9th, 2003, 1:43pm

Deal, you cheeky git.  Gonna have you in the next round.  You are the new DOG, you MUST not win for the good of the competition! ( ;D)

The Whirlwind Jimmy White won the Poker Million heat last night!  I am gonna pass the tournament and watch the live final next week.  

Steve 'The Nugget' Davies vs Jimmy 'The Whirlwind' White on blue baize, not green.  Throw in five hardened poker pros and anything could happen!

If anyone still fancies watching the match let me know.

Come on JIMMY!

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