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   Fishbowl: 05.07.03 Professor fillets the Fish
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   Author  Topic: Fishbowl: 05.07.03 Professor fillets the Fish  (Read 1046 times)
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Fishbowl: 05.07.03 Professor fillets the Fish
« on: March 6th, 2004, 3:35pm »
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1st Professor (Ben)
2nd The Fish (Gav)
3rd Real Deal (Dan)
4th Poker Shark (Pete)
5th Poker Pirate (Jamesie)
6th Five Fingers (Ot)

Prize fund: 5.00 each - total first prize 30.00  
Game Length: 20.00pm - 23.00pm  3 hours 00 mins  
Rules: Texas Hold'em - antes 60 mins then double 30 mins    
Venue: The Fish Bowl

The Professor is never in peril.  Plays a solid game, accumlating a large chip lead early on.  In the heads up he fries the Fish in a matter of minutes.  Back in form despite his addition to cheap lager.

The Fish is a man reborn.  Two months of online poker have turned the 'minnow' into a 'mannow' and his play is assured and safe.  The cautious strategy is undone at the finale under the pressure of unending raising from the Professor.  Relies on the cards.

The Real Deal is gambling like a crazy man.  Bets heavy on consequtive pairs of threes and is looking a dead man walking in the early stages.  An outrageous coup relieves Fingers of his all in move and chip stack.  

Flop: 654 all clubs
Fingers: 82 clubs
Real Deal: J3 clubs

Fourth street and the river card don't save Fingers and the Real Deal makes a comeback.  Loses all the same.

The Poker Pirate is a plundering lunatic as ever.  Gambles hard and high in the early stages and doubles up nicely.  The Pirate can't stand being in dock and continues to rampage and pillage.  Made an honest man by the Professor and the Fish.  Never a dull moment in the poker career of the Poker Peanut.

The Poker Shark is playing a much more cagey game.  The game at the Fishbowl has tightened up considerably.  An all in move with an A 10 brings the poker shark's evening to an early end, swapping the ocean for an early bath.  Still packs a wickid Staropraven.

Five Fingers is a drunk punk and would surely have been thrown out of any respectable gambling hall after 10 minutes at the table.  Vocal and provocative throughout, his cards are all bluff and bluster.  Couldn't even deal properly. Out to a bad beat over flush after the flop.  Moaned all night.  Poor performance in every way (sorry lads).

Thanks to the marine world for hosting and putting up with some dodgy tactics and drunken disorder.
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